Pregnant Woman Among Three Injured, Juan Bustamante Arrested in Suspected DUI Crash on Bristol Street [Costa Mesa, CA]

Two Ejected, Injured in Crash on Interstate 710 [Lynwood, CA]

Two Ejected, Injured in Crash on Interstate 710 [Lynwood, CA]
Two Ejected, Injured in Crash on Interstate 710 [Lynwood, CA]

Two People Injured After Ejected in Lynwood Car Crash on Interstate 710

LYNWOOD, CA (August 23, 2022) — Two people suffered varying injuries after being ejected from a vehicle in a crash on Interstate 710 on Wednesday, August 17.

The accident involved an unidentified vehicle that ran off I-710, according to the authorities who dispatched rescue units to the crash site just after 9:00 p.m. near Gage Avenue.

Upon arrival at the scene, first responders located the wreckage of the majorly damaged vehicle.

Two people, both of whom had been ejected from the vehicle, were also found in the area of collision. One of them sustained major injuries.

Firefighters rendered aid to the injured, carrying them over the drainage ditch and to ambulances. The two were then transported to a hospital.

The details leading up to the crash and the cause behind it remain unavailable at this time. However, the incident is still under investigation.

When behind the wheel, safety should always be your top priority. Do not multi-task and keep your attention on driving at all times. Never drive impaired and do not forget to buckle up for safety. In addition, always drive at safe speeds. Driving too fast for conditions increases the risk of a fatal accident.

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