California Notice at Collection

Pursuant to the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) and the California Privacy Rights Act of 2020 (CPRA) which amended the CCPA to include additional limitations on the disclosure of consumer data, Alpha Accident Lawyers, PC, is required to disclose the following categories of data we may collect about site visitors and which may be disclosed to third-party service providers.  Learn more about how we use your information here.  You may request to opt-out of any sale or sharing of personal information by clicking or tapping here: Do not sell or share my personal information.  You may also limit the use of sensitive personal information by filling out the form, "LIMIT THE USE OF MY SENSITIVE PERSONAL INFORMATION", at the bottom of this page.  Note that some data may be exempt from exclusion; see California Civil Code § 1798.100 - 1798.199.100.

The categories of personal information that we collect include certain user technical data, including some sensitive personal information, which the site visitor may consent to provide automatically by opting-in to our use of cookies.  In addition, we may also collect certain intentionally provided user information, including intentionally provided sensitive personal information, which you provide voluntarily via phone, text, chat, email or form submissions (such as via employment applications or requests for consultation).

Automatically collected data upon cookie opt-in consent:

  • Geolocation information, including:
    • IP address(es),
    • approximate city,
    • region (including U.S. state),
    • country,
    • and approximate geographic coordinates.
  • Device and browser information, such as device type and browser user-agent strings.
  • Advertising cookies generated by your prior interactions with third-party advertisers.
  • User data which may be shared with third-party advertisers, including for the purposes of creating personalized advertising ("remarketing"), which may include data collected during form submissions and other website transactions, such as phone "click-to-call" interactions on mobile devices:
    • Your email address
    • Your phone number
    • Your first and last name
    • Your approximate or actual city, region (including U.S. state), country, and postal code.
  • Other user data which may be shared with third-party service providers
    • for purposes of measuring and analyzing user interactions, including your web search terms and internet referral sources (search engines, social media platforms, online maps and directories, etc.), and how you use this website,
    • to support the functionality of the website such as language or localization settings,
    • for website personalization settings,
    • and for fraud prevention and security services.

Data you may intentionally provide via phone, text, chat, email or form submissions:

  • Vital information, such as:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone Number
    • Date of Birth
    • Information about your age, e.g., whether or not you are over the age of 18 or have acquired parental consent to provide information, and that you are at least 16 years of age
    • Social Security Number
    • Marital Status
    • Spouse or Partner's Name and contact information
  • Case information, including but not limited to:
    • Information about your relationship to prospective clients
    • Police report information
    • Insurance claim information (including providers and policy numbers)
    • Dates of injuries or death
    • Dates and locations of alleged incidents
    • Insurance policy coverage information
  • Protected health information (PHI), including the names and addresses of medical providers
  • Protected class information (e.g., race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, ancestry, physical or mental disability, veteran status, gender identity, or sexual orientation)
  • Professional and educational background, including employment history
  • Precise geolocation information, including IP addresses, approximate or actual city, region (including U.S. state), country, and approximate or actual geographic coordinates
  • Location of personal property, such as automobiles or motorcycles, and names and locations of vehicle service providers (e.g., tow truck companies, repair shops, etc.)

We also collect and store the following information:

  • Inferences drawn from any of the information identified above
  • A consumer or client profile reflecting your preferences, characteristics, and aptitudes
  • An employment profile comprised of data you provide and publicly available data
  • An educational profile comprised of non-publicly available data you provide, for purposes of awarding a scholarship, adherent to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (20 U.S.C. Sec. 1232g; 34 C.F.R. Part 99).
  • Audio recordings of phone calls
  • User-provided images, scanned identification cards, or other documents obtained as part of the case management process (Note: this data is not subject to the CCPA after signing of a retainer agreement).

Sensitive Personal Information We May Collect

With the exception of precise geolocation data (see above), the following sensitive personal information is not collected until after a site visitor becomes a client of the firm upon signage of a Retainer Agreement, and is therefore not subject to limitation or deletion.  You may still have certain rights pertaining to our collection of this information, such as requesting correction if applicable or to be provided with a copy of this data; see our Privacy Policy under the section "Your Rights Under California Law".

Sensitive Personal Information you may provide as a client of the firm:

      • Social Security Numbers
      • Driver's License Numbers
      • State Identification Cards
      • Bank account information for purposes of direct deposit of settlement funds
      • Precise geolocation (except where noted above)
      • Personal information collected and analyzed concerning a consumer’s health