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Have you suffered an injury in a pedestrian-motorist accident? Has someone you love lost their life while walking across the street? Pedestrian accidents can cause lifelong effects, such as financial loss and emotional distress. Talk to the nation's leading personal injury lawyers here at Alpha Accident Lawyers if you or someone you love has suffered an injury or died in a pedestrian accident. Talk to our team about filing a pedestrian accident lawsuit today.



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Pedestrians are among the most vulnerable road users, often at the mercy of other road users such as motorists in cars and trucks. The statistics for pedestrian accidents in the United States are striking; around 6,000 pedestrians are killed each year. In 2017, an estimated 137,000 pedestrians required hospital care for non-fatal pedestrian-related injuries.

Pedestrians are at a far greater risk of being killed or injured on the road compared to vehicle occupants. Statistics also tell us that, per trip, pedestrians are 1.5 times more likely than passenger vehicle occupants to be killed in a car crash.

Here at Alpha Accident Lawyers, we are the nation's leading accident attorneys, helping injured parties or the families of deceased loved ones receive compensation. If you or someone you know were seriously injured as a pedestrian by a motor vehicle in any of the cities we serve, contact our law firm near you today for a free consultation to discuss your case.


Why Do Pedestrian Accidents Occur?

When a motorist hits a pedestrian while there are walking on the street or crossing the road, there are a number of potential causes. When a pedestrian is struck by a motorist, this accident could give rise to a personal injury lawsuit or even criminal charges.

In many cases, pedestrian-motorist accidents are the result of driver negligence; for example, if the motorist was using a cell phone. Motorists driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs are more likely to drive without care and be involved in road traffic accidents. Drivers may also fail to obey proper road rules, such as looking both ways when turning at an intersection, not yielding for pedestrians at crosswalks, or speeding.

In certain instances, there may be issues with the location of a crosswalk. Crosswalks that fail to consider traffic flows and other factors may also be a factor in pedestrian-motorist accidents. While a majority of pedestrian-motorist accidents occur in urban areas, a significant number of accidents also occur on country roads.


Can I File a Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit?

Many people each year successfully sue following pedestrian-motorist accidents where they suffered serious injuries. Often, such legal cases revolve around pedestrians being struck when crossing the street at a crosswalk. If you have been the victim of a road traffic accident while crossing the road at a crosswalk or struck by a motorist while using a sidewalk, speak to Alpha Accident Lawyers.

Our team will access your case and help you to secure the financial compensation that you are due. The payment you could be entitled to depends on your specific case, as every case is different. Alpha Accident Lawyers will determine the value of your cases by analyzing a number of factors.

This includes your medical bills, both past, and future. If you have been the victim of a pedestrian-motorist accident, you could be entitled to a range of medical expenses, depending on the type of treatment that you require. These expenses may include hospital bills, physical therapy, and adaptive medical devices.

Should the accident force you to miss work, you could be entitled to lost income. The exact amount of compensation will be determined by whether your injury is permanent or whether you can work in a diminished capacity.


What if a Loved One Dies in a Pedestrian Accident?

When an individual dies as a result of negligence or an outright wrongful act, family members are able to sue the responsible party for damages. This is legally known as a wrongful death lawsuit. If a family member has been killed in a pedestrian-motorist accident, speak to Alpha Accident Lawyers.

Motorists owe what is legally known as a "duty of care" to other road users, from other drivers to pedestrians and cyclists. Therefore, if a motorist disobeyed traffic safety laws, they may be liable for the consequences of their actions. At Alpha Accident Lawyers, we have a strong track record in preparing and winning wrongful death cases for our clients.


How Do I File a Lawsuit Following a Pedestrian Accident?

At Alpha Accident Lawyers, we have recovered more than $1 billion for our clients. We provide a free consultation where we discuss your case and outline your options in a clear and straightforward way. Our team of expert attorneys will take the lead on your case and keep you informed on its progress at every juncture.


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Pedestrian-motorist accidents can result in life-long injuries or even in the death of loved family members. In these events, you could be entitled to compensation. Alpha Accident Lawyers is composed of experienced attorneys who can help pedestrian accident victims recover the compensation they deserve. Schedule a free consultation with our law firm today for more information about your legal options.



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