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pedestrian accidents can cause serious injuries like traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries

Were you injured in a pedestrian accident? Did the accident occur because of a negligent driver?

Our pedestrian accident lawyers in Seattle specialize in personal injury claims. We will fight to defend your rights and work to recover the maximum compensation for your injuries sustained.

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What Do Pedestrian Accident Statistics Reveal?

In 2020, more than 7,000 pedestrians were killed on U.S. roads in a collision involving a motor vehicle. For perspective, this is about 1 death for every 75 minutes. Pedestrian accidents also caused an estimated 104,000 visits to the emergency room for non-life-threatening injuries. Pedestrians are very vulnerable and don't have any protection comparable to a motor vehicle. It's vital for pedestrians to exercise caution and pay close attention to their surroundings while traveling on foot.


Hire an Experienced Seattle Pedestrian Accident Attorney

pedestrian accident attorney can help with lost income and medical expenses

Alpha Accident Lawyers is a personal injury law firm you can trust. We are well-acquainted with Seattle pedestrian accidents and Washington law. With our Seattle pedestrian accident lawyers on your side, you get quality legal representation.

Many pedestrian accident victims have serious injuries due to car-related accidents, and they need experienced attorneys who have a thorough understanding of personal injury law. We know that pedestrian crashes can cause life-threatening injuries, which is why we approach every personal injury claim with compassion.

In addition, we don’t charge any up-front costs or fees. Instead, we work on a contingency fee basis, which means you do not owe us anything unless we win your case. If your pedestrian accident claim is successful, our fee matches the industry standard for other leading law firms that handle serious personal injury claims.


Why Choose Alpha Accident Lawyers for Your Personal Injury Claim?

Our award-winning team at Alpha will explain every step of the process in a simple and easy-to-understand way. In addition, we don’t charge any upfront costs, so our clients can have peace of mind.

Additionally, we can provide an estimate of the potential compensation you may be awarded. We will handle all of the negotiations, so you receive the settlement you deserve and are not shortchanged by the insurance company.


How Pedestrian Accident Claims Works

pedestrian accident attorneys help with pedestrian accident lawsuits and medical expenses

In a situation where a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle and injured, that victim has the legal right to pursue a personal injury claim.

Personal injury law is a legal framework that enables injured pedestrians to be awarded sufficient funds to aid recovery from severe injuries. Their compensation should be able to cover medical expenses, physiotherapy, or other treatments that alleviate the effects of the serious injury.

Personal injury law also accounts for any expenses the accident claimant may have suffered, like lost income due to being unable to work.

If a pedestrian accident was the fault of a specific individual, they are liable. Activities such as looking at a smartphone or falling asleep at the wheel are both examples of driver negligence, proving liability.


Driver Negligence and Breach of Duty

From a legal standpoint, negligence is a failure to exercise the care that a reasonable person would exercise in a situation relating to a pedestrian accident. To establish whether someone was behaving negligently and therefore whether they are liable, there are four key elements to consider.

  1. Duty - If a motorist is driving a car, it is their duty to drive safely.
  2. Breach - If a motorist is not behaving as a reasonably prudent person, that represents a breach.
  3. Causation - Causation links the breach of duty and the injury or harm to our client’s claim. The injury must be a result of the breach of duty and not self-sustained.
  4. Damages - Damages are sometimes used as a synonym for compensation, but in this sense, they actually mean the injury or harm sustained by an injured pedestrian, which was caused by a breach of duty.


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