Gustavo Albino Arrested in DUI Hit-and-Run on Highway 101 [Novato, CA]

Gustavo Albino Arrested in DUI Hit-and-Run on Highway 101 [Novato, CA]
Gustavo Albino Arrested in DUI Hit-and-Run on Highway 101 [Novato, CA]

Gustavo Adolfo Mejia Albino Charged with DUI Hit-and-Run on Highway 101 Crash

NOVATO, CA (August 18, 2022)Gustavo Adolfo Mejia Albino is facing multiple charges after DUI Hit-and-Run on Highway 101 on Saturday, August 13.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the accident happened around 5:00 a.m. when Mejia struck an occupied vehicle after exiting Enfrente Road at Highway 101.

Mejia allegedly continued driving after the crash, police said.

The occupants of the vehicle suffered neck and arm pain from the impact of the collision.

Police later located Mejia on a hillside and arrested him for charges of suspected felony hit-and-run driving, and driving while intoxicated and causing injury. He was booked at the Marin County Jail with a bail of $50,000.

No further information is available.

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