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Alpha Accident Lawyers is comprised of experienced Houston truck accident lawyers and legal professionals. Our law firm specializes in personal injury cases and has helped countless accident victims throughout the state of Texas recover compensation from trucking companies.

If you've been involved in a truck accident, you may be experiencing mental pain and suffering, financial hardships, and physical agony. Truck accidents have profound impacts on victims. Our compassionate Houston personal injury attorney at Alpha understands what you're dealing with, and our firm are ready to do everything we can to help you and your family overcome this trying time.

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What to Know About Truck Accidents and How Attorneys Help

fatal truck accidents with truck drivers need help from law firm

The success of your case will largely depend on the knowledge and experience of the Houston truck accident lawyer you choose to work with. A commercial vehicle accident is significantly different from a standard car accident.

If you were injured by a negligent truck driver or lost a loved one in a fatal 18-wheeler accident, trucking companies can be held liable for damages. However, victims will not just be facing these large corporations; they will be battling their insurance companies, as well. Therefore, you need the legal expertise of Texas truck accident lawyers to help you recover fair and full compensation. An experienced truck accident lawyer can put together a powerful case on your behalf.

Regardless if it's a semi-truck accident, 18-wheeler accident, or tractor-trailer accident, there are many steps involved in a truck accident case. Even before going to court or litigation, truck accident attorneys will invest an extensive investigation into the truck crash. This is completed to ensure there is enough available evidence to establish a successful truck accident case.

A reputable Houston truck accident lawyer will be able to guide you through the legal system and advise the most effective course of action, as the goal is to get truck accident victims maximum compensation.

One of the primary concerns for an injured truck accident victim is their family's well-being. Many often suffer monetary distress due to a family member missing work while recovering from an injury. Houston truck accident lawyers are skilled in negotiating with the insurance company, as well as proving what damages should be fully compensated and why. This includes compensation for lost wages and loss of earning potential.

Your Texas truck accident lawyer will take on the responsibility of handling the legal aspects, so you can concentrate on your health and recovery. Additionally, representation keeps you protected from being taken advantage of by the insurance company and the trucking company. These companies often try to avoid appropriately compensating victims for what they deserve. Alpha Accident Lawyers has helped countless clients overcome these obstacles, and ultimately recover maximum compensation for their truck accident cases.

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What to Do After a Truck Accident

liable parties in truck accidents are truck drivers and trucking companies

The steps you take directly after your truck accident can have a drastic influence on your personal injury case–good and bad. If you are a truck accident victim, it's best to take the following actions.

Report Truck Accidents and Call for Help

Notify Texas Highway Patrol and report the truck accident. Also, ask for an officer to come to the scene of the wreck. Then, a police report will be created, documenting the truck crash. A police report is very helpful for Texas truck accident attorneys. It works as official evidence in a personal injury case, and it establishes a timeline of current events. If necessary, victims can also request an ambulance or paramedics.

Additionally, according to Texas law, all fatal truck accidents must be reported to law enforcement. Therefore, if the truck driver or another driver died, the truck wreck must be reported.

Take Pictures and Document Evidence

In addition to the police report, other valuable evidence includes visual evidence. If your injuries do not prevent you from doing so, take photos and videos of the truck accident. Because truck accidents are often catastrophic, there will be a lot to document of the truck wreck.

Photograph and record damage to your vehicle and the semi-truck/truck. If another motor vehicle was involved in the truck accident, take pictures of the damages. The roads, street signs, weather, and overall setting will also need to be documented. Additionally, write down details pertaining to the 18-wheeler accident/truck accident. This includes any recollection of what happened before the crash occurred, as well as what happened after. This will help keep your story consistent and prevent important details from being forgotten.

Get Immediate Medical Treatment

Passenger vehicles that are hit by much larger vehicles like a semi-truck will sustain major damages. Health is the top priority. Therefore, truck accident victims must receive immediate medical treatment. This can either include attention from a paramedic or from a doctor after leaving the accident scene. Regardless if it's a semi-truck accident or another type of truck accident, you must be seen by a medical professional. Some of the most serious injuries can initially go undetected and will only be recognized by a qualified physician.

In addition, victims who don't report their injuries or seek medical attention can be accused by the trucking companies to be falsifying injuries after a truck accident claim or truck accident lawsuit is filed. Therefore, as our Houston truck accident lawyers will advise, see a doctor for all minor injuries and serious injuries, and follow the doctor's treatment plan in its entirety. Your health and recovery should be your primary concern.

Don't Talk to the Trucking Company, Truck Drivers, or the Insurance Company

Speak with a Texas truck accident attorney before speaking about your truck accident case with anyone else. Trucking companies and their insurance company act quickly and will begin building their defense against you following the truck accident. These companies must protect their bottom line, so they will plot to avoid liability. This includes shifting the blame on truck accident victims.

They can accomplish this by taking your statements about the truck crash and using them against you. Even a few words can be misinterpreted and appear as if you are admitting fault for the accident. Therefore, if anyone from the trucking company contacts you, avoid speaking with them. Instead, a Houston truck accident lawyer can handle all communication. This will ensure a personal injury case is not compromised and will keep truck accident victims protected from deceitful tactics.

Contact a Houston Truck Accident Lawyer Immediately

Urgency is critical after a truck accident. The statute of limitations gives truck accident victims two years to file a personal injury claim against trucking companies/truck drivers. Therefore, you cannot afford to let that time expire. Additionally, truck accident cases require detailed evidence that sufficiently supports the claim against the accused party. Waiting too long to file a truck accident claim can result in such evidence vanishing. Houston truck accident lawyers will advocate on your behalf, but keep in mind that timing is crucial.

Experience in Personal Injury Law Leads to Results

truck drivers and the trucking company can be at fault for an 18 wheeler accident

If you're looking for qualified truck accident lawyers in Houston, TX, ensure the law firm you choose specializes in personal injury accidents with proven success in truck accident-related cases. Commercial vehicle accident cases are different from standard car accident cases. The trucking companies have an excess of resources to put up a tough legal battle. Regardless if their truck drivers are at fault in truck accidents, trucking companies will avoid taking ownership of fault.

The experienced truck accident lawyers at Alpha Accident Lawyers are knowledgeable in all aspects of the personal injury laws in Houston, TX. Our personal injury lawyers handle complicated cases where multiple parties could be found liable for fault. In addition, our law firm has a success rate of 99%.

A commercial vehicle accident, 18-wheeler accident, and semi-truck accidents can leave victims physically, mentally, and financially debilitated. Each Houston truck accident attorney from Alpha is compassionate and dedicated to their clients. In addition, we are fully committed to getting clients the best results possible. Therefore, whether we're filing personal injury claims or filing truck accident lawsuits, we will only advocate the most feasible option.

An Alpha Houston truck accident attorney will help victims recover damages for:

  • Lost wages and diminished earning capacity
  • Medical bills and future medical expenses
  • Property damage or vehicle replacement
  • Pain and suffering, both physical and emotional

Our Truck Accident Attorneys Are Here for You

semi truck accident attorneys needed to prove fault against truck driver and trucking company

Truck accidents with an 18-wheeler, semi-truck, tractor-trailer, or another large commercial vehicle require assistance from an experienced truck accident lawyer. You and your family deserve nothing less than a fair and full settlement to compensate for your injuries and other obstacles you had to endure. Alpha Accident Lawyers is here to make sure that happens.

Our history of providing exceptional results for our clients speaks for itself. Don't settle for less than what you're entitled to. Contact us and schedule your free consultation.

Help for Truck Accident Victims

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