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As a pedestrian, you are likely to be disproportionately impacted by an accident, particularly if a larger vehicle was involved. However, know that you are well within your rights to seek financial compensation from the driver at fault.

pedestrian accident attorney specializes in a Houston, TX pedestrian accident

Alpha Accident Lawyers is a team of qualified Houston pedestrian accident lawyers who specialize in personal injury and road accident laws in the state of Texas. We are dedicated to giving every one of our clients the best chance at getting fair compensation for pedestrian accident injuries.

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Who Is Considered a Pedestrian?

In general, anyone who travels by "foot" along a road is a pedestrian. Whether individuals are walking, running, or in a wheelchair, along a roadway or paved area, they are considered pedestrians.

As a pedestrian, you do have some responsibilities to keep yourself safe and avoid accidents from occurring. This includes walking on crosswalks, only crossing the streets when the walk signal is on, and not interrupting the normal flow of traffic.

With this in mind, fault and liability in an auto-pedestrian accident can accurately be determined. In order to begin building a winning personal injury case, it's important that Houston pedestrian accident victims follow certain recommendations after the incident.


What to Do After a Pedestrian Accident

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Were you or was someone you loved recently hit by a car while walking down the street or in a parking lot? If so, you might be able to file a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver. Pedestrian accident victims often suffer catastrophic injuries that require a long recovery time. Because medical costs to treat the injuries sustained can be quite costly, the injured person has the legal right to file a claim against the negligent driver and insurance company for financial compensation and reimbursement of other accrued costs.

Not sure if you have a winning case or not? Don't worry; a Houston pedestrian accident lawyer from Alpha Accident Lawyers will address how filing a claim or personal injury lawsuit works.

At the Car Accident Scene

While at the car accident scene, pedestrian accident victims must document the collision site by taking pictures and videos of the damage. This includes visible injuries, dents or wreckage to the motor vehicle involved, neighboring traffic signs, and any other visuals that help paint a picture of what happened.

Additionally, having police present will keep the scene calm. Also, a police report is preferred to have in personal injury lawsuits. An officer can also assist you obtain the contact information and insurance information from the at-fault driver.

The Most Valuable Step

Before pursuing legal action, it's important that injured pedestrians get examined by a doctor. What may appear as minor bodily harm, like spinal cord injuries or head injuries, can grow into serious injuries with devastating outcomes. Additionally, prolonged medical care can indicate to an insurance company that the injuries sustained were not that serious, negatively impacting a pedestrian accident case.

After Precautions Have Been Taken

Once you have left the car accident scene and ensured your health has been tended to, consult with a Houston pedestrian accident lawyer. Holding negligent drivers accountable for their reckless actions is difficult in a pedestrian accident case. The insurance company will also complicate matters by trying to reduce the financial compensation that is owed to the injured victims.

However, an experienced personal injury attorney who specializes in auto-pedestrian accidents can be your advocate throughout the legal process and fight to maximize your settlement. Alpha Accident Lawyers offers a free consultation to get started. To learn more about our process and how our law firm will help you win your case, schedule a free case evaluation here.


Identifying Fault and Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

pedestrian accident attorney specializes in a Houston, TX pedestrian accident

To determine who is at fault, the cause of the accident must first be identified. For example, if you crossed the road when the walk signal was red, you won't qualify for any damages, as you were at fault. However, if you were hit by a car while walking on a sidewalk, the driver would be liable for negligence and jumping the curve.

If you and the driver both share fault in the accident, you might still be able to recover damages. However, keep in mind that you can only claim compensation if your contribution to the accident does not exceed 50% of the fault.

Here are some of the most common causes of pedestrian accidents when the driver is responsible. Have a look through them all to see what may apply to your case.

Distracted Driving

Forms of driver negligence include talking on the phone, texting, referencing a map for directions, eating, or even talking to other passengers in the car.

To be distracted implies that there was a lack of attention on the road while operating a vehicle. Therefore, the driver's negligence resulted in an accident.

Speeding or Reckless Driving

Driving over the speed limit puts other vehicles and pedestrians around you at risk for injury. Every driver owes a duty to the general public to adhere to speed limits and has some regard for the people around them.

Willfully exceeding the speed limit without regard for the safety of others comes under the definition of reckless driving, which is considered a criminal offense under Texas law, as well as in most of the United States.

Driving While Intoxicated

Alcohol and a variety of other substances can impact your cognitive abilities, thereby affecting your ability to drive safely. This puts pedestrians and other vehicles at risk for injury.

Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of any of these substances is forbidden by law in Texas. If the driver was under the influence, you have a strong personal injury lawsuit against them.

Disobeying Traffic Laws

Every driver in a motor vehicle must adhere to traffic and road rules. Failure to do so is considered negligent, and they will be held liable for any injuries or accidents that occur as a consequence of such disobedience.

General Negligence

Other acts of driver negligence on the part of the driver could involve backing up a vehicle at the wrong time, not exercising reasonable care while driving, and other similar acts.


How We Approach Every Personal Injury Case

pedestrian accident attorney specializes in Houston, TX pedestrian accidents

At Alpha Accident Lawyers, each client's well-being is our first priority. Whenever we take on a new case, we make sure to examine pedestrian accidents from all angles. Our process during the examination process consists of the following steps.

Step 1: Evaluate Your Case

Once you schedule a consultation with us, one of our experienced Houston pedestrian accident attorneys will have a look at the details of your accident. This will allow them to outline all the options you have before while explaining the potential pros and cons for each option. This will allow you to make an informed decision on what legal action to take.

Step 2: Investigate Pedestrian Accidents

If you choose to proceed with a claim, our team will begin investigating your case to gather evidence, talk to witnesses, and collect other relevant details. Our aim is to make your claim as strong as possible to earn you a favorable outcome.

Step 3: Determine the Amount of Compensation Due

As someone who has suffered an injury due to an accident, you have the right to claim two types of compensation.

  • The first is economic or monetary damages, which include compensation for your medical bills, loss of wages, and more.
  • The second is noneconomic damages which cover compensation for emotional trauma or pain suffered as a result of your accident.

We will evaluate your circumstances to determine the amount of compensation you can claim.

Step 4: Pursue a Personal Injury Claim

Finally, our pedestrian accident lawyers in Houston will pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the defendant on your behalf. Our aim is to advocate for your interests and get you the compensation you deserve.


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pedestrian accident attorney specializes in Houston, TX pedestrian accidents

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