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Get top-tier legal representation for your motorcycle accident case from the top-rated motorcycle accident lawyers at Alpha Accident Lawyers. With a winning success rate, our Houston motorcycle accident attorney is prepared to advocate on your behalf so that you receive fair compensation from the insurance company. At Alpha, we have the knowledge and resources to help you with your motorcycle accident claim or motorcycle accident lawsuit.

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Why You Need a Houston Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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In order to file a successful motorcycle accident claim, you will need an experienced Houston motorcycle accident lawyer to represent you. In addition to experience, the personal injury attorney you select should also have the resources to support injured motorcycle riders. When you work with Alpha Accident Lawyers, you can expect the following.

Detailed Investigation Into the Motorcycle Crash

We work with expert witnesses, like accident reconstruction experts to demonstrate how the motorcycle crash occurred and prove why the other party is at-fault for causing the motorcycle wreck. Additionally, our Houston motorcycle accident attorneys compile all of the necessary evidence for the motorcycle accident claims we are handling. This includes surveillance footage, witness statements, driver history of the other parties involved, and other relevant documents.

Personalized, Hands-On Service

When working with Alpha, clients are not only investing in an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer, but they are also being supported by our personal injury law firm as a whole. All motorcycle accidents are unique, and all motorcycle riders will experience various damages. This is why our firm builds personalized plans to suit every client's needs. When developing motorcycle accident cases, our Houston motorcycle accident lawyers take all losses into account, like medical bills, future medical treatment, and vehicle damage. Our tailor-made plans help recover compensation for deserving motorcycle accident victims.

Compassionate Team of Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

You’re not just another case number to us. Our Houston motorcycle accident lawyers understand how frustrating and traumatic motorcycle crashes are. Motorcycle riders are more vulnerable to serious injuries in an accident than someone in a passenger vehicle. Because of this, it's likely that motorcyclists will require extensive and costly medical treatment. Our personal injury law firm is here to provide the support you need during your recovery.  We will connect you with our network of qualified medical providers to ensure motorcycle accident victims receive the medical care they need.

Experienced Legal Representation in Personal Injury Cases

With a 99% success rate, Alpha Accident Lawyers is one of the leading motorcycle accident law firms in Texas. Our experienced team of Houston motorcycle accident attorneys will assist you from filing a motorcycle accident lawsuit to negotiating with the insurance company. Additionally, our motorcycle accident lawyers will fight to maximize your compensation so that you receive a fair settlement for your personal injury, as well as other damages.


Damages You Can Claim in Houston Motorcycle Accidents

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When it comes to determining who was at fault for motorcycle accidents, negligent drivers are often the root cause. If it can be proven that the other party acted negligently and caused the motorcycle wreck, you may be awarded fair compensation to account for your serious injuries, medical bills, and other damages.

These damages that can be recovered from the insurance company of the at-fault party will vary from case to case. Generally, they are categorized into the following groups.

Economic Damages

Tangible losses with a monetary value fall under economic damages. These losses could be current medical expenses, future medical treatment costs, lost wages from missing work, and property damage like repair/replacement costs for the motorcycle.

With visual evidence like receipts, medical bills, medical records, or other invoices, motorcycle accident victims are more likely to recover compensation for these losses.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-tangible variables like pain and suffering count as non-economic damages. More examples include emotional distress like PTSD, damage to relationships with loved ones, permanent disabilities, and a reduced outlook on quality of life

Unlike economic damages, these types of damages may be more difficult to prove and will require the help of a skilled motorcycle accident attorney. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer will know how to value such non-economic damages, as well as prove their validity in court.

Punitive Damages

If a motorcycle crash resulted in an extremely disastrous outcome, like a wrongful death because the at-fault motorist was drinking and driving, a judge and jury may further punish the guilty party. This form of damages is not intended to compensate motorcycle accident victims or their families. Instead, it's meant to penalize the guilty party for their wrongdoing.


What to Do if You're a Motorcycle Accident Victim

what to do after motorcycle accidents and if you sustained motorcycle accident injuries

Due to the statute of limitations, Texas motorcycle accident victims are given a limited amount of time to file a claim. With a two-year time limit from the date of the motorcycle crash, it's important to seek legal counsel as soon as possible.

If you are a motorcycle accident victim and you suffered serious injuries, begin the process of your personal injury claim. This course of action will consist of the following steps.

Step 1: Do Not Speak with the Insurance Company

Even if you are not at fault for the accident, you will need to report the motorcycle wreck to your auto insurance provider. Only state that you were involved in a motorcycle accident. Your insurance will then contact the at-fault driver's insurance company and inform them of damages. The other party's insurance will call you and insist that you settle or drop the claim. These insurance adjusters are skilled in misleading victims and reducing compensation. Therefore, do not speak with them.

In addition to notifying your insurance company of the motorcycle accident, file a report with the authorities. They will provide a police report, which will benefit a personal injury lawsuit.

Step 2: Contact a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

As soon as possible, contact a Houston personal injury law firm. Their legal team can provide valuable advice, which will prevent actions and errors from compromising your case with the insurance company. In addition, Houston motorcycle accident lawyers can advise legal options and what steps to take next.

Alpha Accident Lawyers offers a free consultation to get started, and our law firm can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Step 3: Schedule a Free Consultation

During the free consultation, you and our motorcycle accident attorney will discuss the details of the motorcycle crash. Then, we can advise if you have a case worth pursuing. Some attorneys will over-promise, leaving unattainable expectations and resulting in disappointment. Instead, our law firm believes in maintaining transparency. Therefore, we will go over realistic expectations, so you are not caught off-guard. The case evaluation is confidential and completely free.

Step 4: Work With Our Personal Injury Law Firm

As soon as you’re ready, Alpha will begin working on your case. We’ll communicate with the liable party's insurance company, and take care of everything so that you can concentrate on recovering from your accident.


Contact an Experienced Houston Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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At Alpha Accident Lawyers, our aim is to fight for the maximum compensation that you deserve and help you get closure for your accident. Get your motorcycle accident case on the right track and contact us today to schedule your free consultation.



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