7 Pedestrian Safety Tips to Help Avoid an Accident

Pedestrian Safety Tips

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When it comes to pedestrian safety tips, many overlook the necessary precautions to take when going on walks. Walking is a great way to maintain overall health. Unfortunately, walking is becoming an increasingly dangerous activity.

According to the NHTSA, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 6,205 pedestrian fatalities in 2019. In addition, the administration estimated that at least one pedestrian was killed every 85 minutes from a traffic crash. Whether it be on your way to work or on a recreational stroll, there are pedestrian safety tips you can follow to avoid getting in an accident.


1. Use Sidewalks 

Whenever possible, you should use sidewalks when you go for a walk. This reduces the risk of a reckless driver swerving into a pedestrian.

Ensure this pedestrian safety tip is also communicated to any children in your household. Furthermore, adult supervision is always recommended. Even if the neighborhood you reside in is not traffic-heavy, it’s important to teach children not to play on the highways or venture off without an adult present.


2. Walk Facing Oncoming Traffic

Sometimes, a sidewalk will not always be available. So, what do you do? To avoid a pedestrian accident, walk as far away from traffic as possible. Also, walk in the same direction as oncoming traffic. By doing so, you will see all of the cars coming toward you, giving you a chance to react to a negligent driver. If you must walk on the highway, stay as close to the curb as possible. 


3. Don’t Jaywalk

Jaywalking isn’t just illegal; it’s incredibly dangerous. Drivers are not typically prepared to look out for pedestrians illegally crossing the street. Because of this, when someone jaywalks, they risk the chance of causing a car accident.

Although it may take more effort and may take up more time, always walk to the nearest crosswalk or stop sign. Then, wait for the cars to stop before you cross the street.


4. Make Yourself Visible

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One of the best pedestrian safety tips for avoiding an accident is to make yourself as visible as possible. Wear bright colors that contrast with the roads. For example, if you walk or run at night, put on reflective equipment and bring a flashlight. When a car approaches, shine the flashlight onto the street in front of you to alert the driver of your presence. 


5. Remain Aware of Your Surroundings

Sometimes, pedestrians assume that they don’t have to remain as aware of their surroundings as drivers do. Because of this, they will put in headphones or text while on a walk. This can result in a bad car accident. 

When you walk on the sidewalk or along the street, your senses cannot be compromised. You need to be able to clearly see and hear what’s around you. This pedestrian safety tip of staying fully aware of your surroundings is key. Therefore, resist replying to text messages or listening to music until you reach your destination. 


6. When Driving, Double-Check for Pedestrians

Drivers can also prevent pedestrian accidents from happening. First, before you pull out of your driveway or parking space, double-check that no one is walking behind your vehicle. Move as slowly as possible, and don’t rely on your rearview mirror or camera.

If you’re at an intersection and the light turns green, watch for pedestrians crossing the street and yield to them before you proceed. Remember, pedestrians always have the right-of-way.


7. Don’t Use Your Cell Phone and Drive

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Most states throughout the U.S. have banned drivers from using their cell phones while driving. Texting and driving pose several significant dangers, including traffic collisions and pedestrian accidents.

If you are distracted on the road, you could accidentally jump the sidewalk and hit someone, causing drastic injuries or even death. So, if you want to keep everyone on and around the road safe, refrain from texting while you drive. 


What to Do if You’re in a Pedestrian Accident

Sometimes, even when people follow pedestrian safety tips, accidents still happen. So, what you should you do if you find yourself in one?


If you’re the driver, call the police immediately. Avoid touching pedestrians or moving them unless they’re in an unsafe location. Do not leave the scene of the accident, and wait for the authorities to arrive for further instructions.


If you’re a pedestrian, quickly check your body for any signs of immediate damage. Should you find anything that needs urgent medical attention, call 911 or ask someone else to do it for you. If you’re able to, move out of traffic and to a safer location. With your phone, collect photos of the driver’s insurance, phone number, driver’s license, vehicle damages, and injuries you suffered. 

Call an Attorney

Whether you’re the driver or the pedestrian, contact a car accident lawyer. Often, insurance companies try to spend as little money as possible reimbursing you for your injuries. As such, their initial settlement offer may not cover the full extent of your treatment. A pedestrian accident attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve. 


Need More Than Pedestrian Safety Tips?

Alpha Accident Lawyers will help in an accident. If you’ve been injured in an accident, you need to go beyond pedestrian safety tips and start pursuing compensation for your ordeal. At Alpha, we provide experienced attorneys who care as much about winning your case as you do. Contact us today for a free consultation on your accident.


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