Man Rescued in Fiery Crash on 90 Freeway near East Mercer Way [Bellevue, WA]

Man Rescued in Fiery Crash on 90 Freeway near East Mercer Way [Bellevue, WA]
Man Rescued in Fiery Crash on 90 Freeway near East Mercer Way [Bellevue, WA]

Pickup Truck Carrying Acetylene Tanks Involved in Fiery Crash in Bellevue

BELLEVUE, WA (October 25, 2022) – An off-duty Eastside Fire Captain rescued a man trapped in a fiery crash on 90 Freeway on October 18.
According to the Washington State Patrol, the collision happened between East Mercer Way and Bellevue Way.
Based on a report, Captain Thomas Tull was on his way to work when he came up on the fiery crash involving four vehicles. Prior to that, police said a work truck failed to break in time and slammed a GMC pickup truck.
Subsequently, the pickup truck crashed into two other cars. The pickup caught fire because it was carrying acetylene tanks, a highly flammable compressed gas used for welding.
As a result, the driver of the pickup was trapped in the vehicle. Captain Tull and other bystanders helped pull the victim out of his burning truck. The fire continued to grow and intensify and one of the acetylene tanks blew.
At this point, the WSP is investigating the collision.
Always check your surroundings when driving, especially in areas near intersections. To prevent an accident, give way to other vehicles. In addition, follow road regulations at all times.

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