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Cycling is a good way of keeping fit and exploring what the city of Los Angeles has to offer. Unfortunately, LA has been ranked as the "worst bike city in America". This means that Southern California cyclists are more vulnerable to injuries on the road. This is due to the lack of bicycle-friendly laws and safety restraints to protect cyclists from serious injuries.

At Alpha Accident Lawyers, we understand how devastating the effects of a bike accident are for a bicycle accident victim. Whether it causes severe injuries like traumatic brain injuries or even death, our Los Angeles personal injury lawyer promises to persistently advocate for your needs and help you maximize your compensation.


Our Los Angeles Bike Accident Attorneys Can Help

When taking on a bicycle accident case, a personal injury attorney must be skilled in proving two key details. First, a lawyer must show that the other party was at fault for the accident. Secondly, your lawyer must also be able to effectively negotiate with the liable party's insurance company.

Determine the At-Fault Party

California has a 51% modified comparative fault rule, which means the injured party in a bike accident can only get compensation if they can prove that they’re 50% or less at fault.

Our experienced attorneys in Los Angeles will work to establish minimal fault on your part and determine the guilty party. Parties that are likely to be at fault in a bicycle accident include a careless motorist not paying attention on the road, a negligent manufacturer selling a defective bicycle, or a lax government incapable of maintaining roads for bicycles.

Negotiate With Insurance Agents on Your Behalf

Insurance companies usually take advantage when an injured cyclist doesn’t have legal representation. They’ll try to talk to you to use your words against you to contest liability and lower your personal injury claim.

Unless you call our experienced bike accident lawyers, the insurance company may pressure you to accept a lower financial settlement. We’ll handle the insurance adjusters while you take time to recover from injuries.

Types of Compensation After a Los Angeles Bicycle Accident

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Depending on your injuries and the circumstances of your bicycle accident, you may be eligible for several compensation claims. They include:

Compensation for Injuries

If you've been injured in a bicycle accident due to the negligent actions of other road users, you deserve to sue them for the injuries— brain injury, spinal injury, amputation, or more— you got. Bringing up a claim for these injuries involves a lot of fact-checking and paperwork to identify the party at fault. This is why you need a seasoned bicycle injury attorney in Los Angeles.

Our law firm will follow all the court’s policies and procedures to prove the other party's fault and ensure full settlement of all medical bills.

Compensation for Wrongful Death

Unfortunately, sometimes a bike accident can cause death. If your loved one has been killed in this accident, you deserve compensation for your loss. Although the money won’t bring back your loved one, you can get some financial reprieve to cater to your needs.

Our attorney will ensure you get compensated for the loss of consortium if the deceased victim was your spouse, loss of care and support, and emotional anguish.

Compensation for Property Damage

You can also get compensated for your damaged bicycle. Our attorney will help you determine the fair market value of your bike at the time of the accident, and we’ll add it to the bicycle accident claim.

Compensation for Pain and Suffering

Apart from physical injuries and damages, certain aspects of your life such as your mental health and job may be affected by the bicycle accident. When you contact our bike accident law firm, we’ll ensure you get compensation for lost wages, mental anguish, pain and suffering, and losing the ability to live normally.

What Happens After a Bicycle Accident in Los Angeles?

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The attorneys at Alpha Accident Lawyers understand how devastating and stressful a bike accident can be for victims and their families. This is why our law firm has developed protocols for cyclists to follow if they are ever in an accident.

If you are a bicyclist in the LA area, we encourage you to follow these best practices after a bike accident.

Step 1: Call 911

You should first call 911 to get a medical team and police officers at the scene of the accident. The medical will start treating your injuries immediately while the police create an accident report. This report determines how the accident occurred and who was in the wrong. It’s vital in proving your case before the jury.

Step 2: Gather Information

If able, take pictures of the accident scene, all the vehicles involved, and even your bicycle accident injuries. You can also take pictures of the other driver’s license and insurance. This will allow our lawyers to set up your bicycle accident injury claim as soon as possible. Try talking to witnesses as they’ll help build your case.

Step 3: Hire Our Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Our experienced bike accident lawyers have a good record of helping bike accident victims get full compensation. We offer free consultations. We’ll open a claim, investigate the personal injury case, and submit a settlement demand.

Step 4: Negotiations for a Settlement

After submitting your demand, we’ll hold talks with your insurance agent to discuss the demand and counteroffers. You’ll decide if you want to settle for the proposed offers. If not, we’ll help you take the case to court.

Step 5: Trial

Our trial lawyers will argue the case before the jury who’ll decide the amount of compensation you get. After the verdict, you’ll be signing the settlement form to close the case. We’ll facilitate the payment of all medical bills, and then we’ll give you a check— the balance from your settlement.

Get Justice with Our Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Did you or your loved one sustain a personal injury in a Los Angeles bicycle accident? Do you have medical expenses and need ongoing medical care? Have you been forced to miss work resulting in lost wages? Consider consulting an experienced bicycle accident attorney who will defend your right to compensation.

Alpha Accident Lawyers has got you covered. We have skilled and experienced lawyers familiar with the ins and outs of bike accidents in LA. Our bicycle accident attorney will tirelessly defend your rights until you get the compensation you deserve. Call our law firm to schedule a free consultation with a Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyer.

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