texas motorcycle crashes

Texas Motorcycle Crashes Spike in the Summer

Texas Motorcycle Crashes Spike in the Summer

texas motorcycle crashes

The warm, long summer days bring out more motorists across the United States, including motorcycle riders. Unfortunately, 59% of motorcyclist fatalities occurred during the months of May-September, peaking in June. The combination of increased traffic, extreme weather conditions, poor road conditions, and alcohol impairment contributes to a spike in motorcycle crashes.


Why Do Motorcycle Crashes Spike in the Summertime?

In Texas, motorcycle accidents spike between May through October. This 5-month period accounted for more than 61% of all motorcyclists killed on Texas roadways in 2020.

Increased Traffic Congestion

There is more traffic during the summertime for the following reasons:

  • There is more tourism and there are more drivers on the road. Texas is a top destination for travelers due to its high number of attractions and nightlife options per capita. The Lone Star State sees over 270 million tourists each year.
  • More people go out to enjoy the warmer weather and outdoor recreational activities.
  • More teens are on the road due to school being out for summer.
  • More people are vacationing and taking road trips during the summer.

Extreme Weather Conditions

Weather conditions are often extreme during Texas’ summer months. Intense heat cause drought-like conditions, while unstable air masses cause severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes.

Additionally, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes make riding conditions challenging and dangerous for bikers, and can potentially lead to motorcycle accidents. Texas has about 132 tornadoes each year, and summer weather conditions can be intense from mid-April through October.

Poor Road Conditions

motorcycle helmet on a poor road

High temperatures can cause roads to crack and buckle, putting motorists at risk. These road conditions can make it more difficult for motorcyclists to ride safely and maintain control of their bikes. According to Accuweather, roads typically buckle when there are temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Portions of the I-10 East Freeway have already been buckling in Houston, Texas under intense temperatures.

Alcohol Impairment

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), about 10.5% of fatal drunk driving crashes occurred in August. Respectively, 10% of fatal accidents involving a drunk driver occurred both in June and July. Notably, 58% of these accidents happened in urban areas.


2020 Texas Motorcycle Accident Statistics

There are over 22 million registered vehicles in Texas, 343,292 of which are registered motorcycles. Texas ranks #2 in the United States for the highest rate of motorcycle crash fatalities. In 2020, there was a 17% increase in Texas motorcycle deaths. On average, one motorcycle rider is killed each day on Texas roadways.

On Texas roads, there were:

  • 7,481 motorcycle accidents
  • 1,856 motorcyclists were seriously injured
  • 482 motorcycle riders were killed


Deadliest Highways in Texas

Interstate 45 (I-45)

Interstate 45 is one of the deadliest highways in the US and is the deadliest freeway in Texas. This dangerous stretch of road averages 56.5 fatal crashes for every 100 vehicle miles traveled.

Interstate 35 (I-35)

According to a report from The Zebra, the I-35 is among the top 10 most dangerous roads in the United States. This freeway runs through three of the most populated cities in the Lone Star State including Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio. In 2019, there were about 12.56 fatalities per 100 miles.

Interstate 10 (I-10)

Interstate 10 is one of the deadliest freeways in Texas. Between 2018 and 2020, 17 fatal crashes occurred here.

Interstate 20 (1-20)

In a new study from The Zebra, Interstate 20 ranks the #2 most dangerous highway in the US on a per-mile basis. The I-20 has the second-highest rate of auto accident fatalities per mile. There were about 13.52 deaths per every 100 vehicle miles traveled.


What to Do if You’ve Been Involved in a Motorcycle Crash

Motorcycles don’t offer the same protection as passenger cars. For example, motorcycles lack safety features including seat belts, airbags, and a crumple zone. Consequently, motorcycle riders often suffer severe injuries in motorcycle crashes. In 2021, motorcyclists were 24 times more likely to be killed in a motorcycle crash than occupants of passenger vehicles.

If you were involved in a motorcycle accident that was caused by another person’s negligence, it’s important to take the following actions:

Seek Medical Attention

Even if you don’t believe you sustained serious injuries, it’s crucial to seek medical attention. Ensure you get a medical evaluation, follow your prescribed treatment plan, and attend all your appointments.

Exchange Information

Make sure you gather the following information from the other parties involved in the motorcycle crash:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Driver’s License
  • License plate number
  • Insurance company
  • Insurance policy number

Speak to Witnesses

If witnesses are present, ensure you get their contact information and ask if they are willing to provide a statement. A motorcycle accident lawyer can help you gather witness statements. Experienced personal injury lawyers have connections to expert witnesses like medical specialists, mental health professionals, engineers, and accident reconstruction experts who can help strengthen your claim.

Document the Accident Scene

If you are able to, take photos and videos of the accident scene. Ensure you get photos from different angles of property damage, skid marks, broken glass, debris, and of any injuries. Write down how the accident occurred and keep a diary throughout your recovery process.

Avoid Posting on Social Media

It’s best to avoid posting any details about your accident or injuries on social media. Anything you post could be potentially used against you by the insurance companies.

Consult with Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

An experienced Texas motorcycle accident lawyer will help you gather evidence including police reports, medical records, and witness statements. It’s best to avoid communicating with insurance companies without a lawyer. An experienced personal injury lawyer will protect your rights and fight for fair compensation. Insurance adjusters are well-trained to look for reasons to minimize or deny your claim completely.


Contact a Texas Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

motorcyclist injuries

At Alpha Accident Lawyers, we are committed to helping personal injury victims recover compensation for their injuries and damages. If you were injured in a motorcycle crash, caused by another person’s negligence, it’s best to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

We offer free initial consultations and can provide you with the legal advocacy you need to win your motorcycle accident case. Call us today to schedule a free consultation.

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