Halloween Safety Tips for Drivers and Pedestrians

Halloween Safety Tips for Drivers and Pedestrians

halloween safety tips

Halloween is an exciting time filled with costumes, candies, and spooky decorations. Unfortunately, Halloween is one of the most dangerous days of the year for drivers and pedestrians, especially child pedestrians. On average, pedestrians have a 50% higher chance of being killed on Halloween than on any other day of the year. About 18% of the people killed in fatal traffic crashes on Halloween are children.

It’s crucial to teach children and teens pedestrian safety tips so they are prepared to take extra precautions for a safe Halloween. If you plan to trick or treat or travel on Halloween, read on for essential road safety tips.


Halloween Safety Tips for Drivers

As a responsible driver, there are several precautions you can take to help ensure the safety of pedestrians and other motorists during Halloween festivities.

Drive Extra Safely and Stay Alert

Halloween sees a significant rise in pedestrian traffic, especially in residential areas and around parks and schools. Expect traffic delays and be extra cautious while driving due to the increased number of pedestrians and kids trick or treating.

It’s crucial to avoid distractions like cell phones, talking on the phone, or adjusting the radio. Stay focused on the road and your surroundings so you can react quickly to any unexpected situations.

Drive Slowly in Residential Areas

Drive slower than the speed limit, especially in residential neighborhoods where children are likely to be trick-or-treating. Driving slowly gives you more time to react if a child suddenly crosses the street. Watch for children darting between parked cars.

Additionally, kids in costumes might have limited visibility. If they are wearing masks it can obstruct their view. Slower speeds increase your chances of stopping in time if a child darts out unexpectedly.

Don’t Assume Pedestrians See You

Don’t assume that pedestrians, particularly children, can see your vehicle. Stay alert and be ready to react if a pedestrian, especially a child, steps onto the road unexpectedly.

Young trick-or-treaters might not be fully aware of their surroundings. They could assume all drivers see them, which might not always be the case. Even with reflective costumes, visibility might be limited, especially in poorly lit areas. If your vehicle is stopped, turn on your hazard lights to alert others.

Don’t Drink and Drive

drunk driver holding a bottle

Always drive sober. Unfortunately, there is an increase in drunk driving accidents on Halloween. Alcohol significantly impairs a motorist’s judgment and reaction time. Even a small amount can affect your ability to respond quickly in an unexpected situation. Driving under the influence can result in severe legal consequences, including fines, license suspension, or even imprisonment.

If you plan on drinking, arrange for a designated driver, use public transportation, or utilize rideshare services. Many options are available to ensure you get home safely without risking your life and the lives of others.

Keep Your Headlights On for Better Visibility

Headlights not only help you see the road better but also make your vehicle more visible to pedestrians, cyclists, and other drivers. When driving in well-lit areas, use low beams to avoid blinding other drivers. High beams can impair the vision of pedestrians and drivers approaching from the opposite direction.

Ensure your headlights are working correctly before Halloween night. Replace any burnt-out bulbs promptly to maintain optimal visibility.

Enter and Exit Driveways Slowly and Carefully

Entering and exiting driveways might seem routine, but on Halloween, it requires extra caution. Children in costumes might have limited visibility and mobility. They could easily trip or stumble, especially in poorly lit areas.

Drive slowly so you have time to react if a child unexpectedly appears near a driveway. Avoid rushing in and out of driveways to help prevent car accidents. Before moving your vehicle, double-check both sides of the driveway, ensuring no pedestrians are in your path.


Halloween Safety Tips for Pedestrians

trick or treaters wearing halloween costumes

Pedestrians should also take extra precautions to help ensure their safety during Halloween. Parents should teach their children the following safety rules:

Wear Bright-Colored Clothing and Reflective Tape

Increase your visibility by wearing bright and reflective clothing. This ensures that drivers can see you even in low-light conditions. To help keep your child safe, consider adding reflective material to their costume. Have kids carry flashlights or glow sticks at nighttime to help them see and by seen by motorists.

Wear Costumes that Are the Right Size

It’s crucial for kids and teens to wear costumes that fit them correctly to help prevent trips and falls. Avoid costumes with oversized shoes and excess fabric that can drag on the floor.

Additionally, it’s best for kids not to wear masks. It’s best to choose face paint over masks because masks can obstruct a child’s vision significantly, making it difficult to check for oncoming traffic.

Use Designated Crosswalks

Follow traffic signals and cross the street only at designated crosswalks or intersections. Designated crosswalks are usually well-lit and clearly marked. Drivers typically anticipate pedestrians at intersections and crosswalks.

Avoid Walking While Intoxicated

Just like drivers, pedestrians should avoid alcohol or any substances that impair their judgment and reflexes. This impairment can lead to risky behaviors, such as jaywalking or misjudging the speed of oncoming vehicles. Alcohol affects your balance and coordination, increasing the likelihood of tripping and falling.

Look Left, Right, and Left Again Before Crossing

Always look both ways before crossing the street, even if you have the right of way. By consistently looking both ways, you can ensure you spot oncoming motorists and set a positive example for younger pedestrians.

Avoid Crossing Between Parked Cars

Drivers might not see you if you emerge suddenly from between parked cars. Cross streets openly and where drivers can easily spot you. Children, in particular, might not understand the dangers of crossing between parked cars, which is why it’s crucial to teach them the dangers.

Use Sidewalks When Available

Walking on the sidewalk is much safer than walking on the road as it makes you more visible to drivers. Using sidewalks can also help you avoid tripping over uneven surfaces or debris on the road. If there are no sidewalks available, ensure you walk facing traffic as far to the left as possible.


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By following these Halloween safety tips, drivers and pedestrians can contribute to a safer Halloween for everyone. In case the unfortunate happens and you or someone you know is involved in an auto accident, it’s crucial to have premium legal support. 

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