18-Wheeler Accident on Homestead Road [Houston, TX]

18-Wheeler Accident on Homestead Road [Houston, TX]
18-Wheeler Accident on Homestead Road [Houston, TX]

Car Crashes into 18-Wheeler Semi-Truck on Homestead Road in Houston

HOUSTON, TX (April 27, 2023) Houston firefighters rescued a driver after an accident involving an 18-wheeler semi-truck in the 6001 block of Homestead Road on April 20.
According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, the crash happened near the North Loop around 1:48 AM. Based on a report, the semi-truck was making a U-turn at the time of the crash.
Due to unknown reasons, the victim’s vehicle coming from behind struck it.
As a result, the victim, a woman who is in her 20s, was trapped for approximately 30 minutes before authorities were able to free her and get her to a hospital.
The Houston Police Department said high speed was a factor in the crash.
As of now, the case remains under investigation. In addition, no other details are available.
Give way to big vehicles kike struck to avoid an accident. Above all, stop at stop signs in intersections. In addition, always manage your speed and follow road regulations.

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