5 Ways a Washington Car Accident Lawyer Can Help File Your Claim

5 Ways a Washington Car Accident Lawyer Can Help File Your Claim

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With the annual economic cost of crashes estimated to be $242 billion, car accidents are undeniably a significant concern to the US economy. They also contribute to the high number of claims on auto insurance.

You may sustain head/back injuries, lacerations, or broken bones. And regardless of their severity, you need to seek compensation. If you or your loved one got injured in a car crash, consider hiring a Washington car accident lawyer to help with the claims process.

The lawyer can file a lawsuit on your behalf and help negotiate. They can bring the suit against a car manufacturer, government entity, or negligent motorist. Either way, here are five ways you can benefit from their help.


Help You Get Appropriate Medical Care and Treatment

It can be difficult to think clearly in the aftermath of a crash. Trauma and shock may interfere with your cognition and brain function. Even more, you may need help to discern the situation due to the adrenaline rush brought on by the accident.

You may leave the accident scene without getting medical care due to confusion. Also, you may realize that you sustained injuries much later.

A car accident lawyer will recommend you seek medical attention immediately. It’s because most injuries respond well to treatment when spotted early. Early medical care also helps prevent injuries from getting worse or recurring in the future.

Filing an insurance claim for the injuries is easier if you seek treatment early. You will have medical records of the injuries to back the claim.


Advise You on the Personal Injury Laws in Your Jurisdiction

No matter the jurisdiction, personal injury state laws single out wrongdoings by other people or entities. It focuses on making a responsible party pay for damages or losses caused. In the context of car accident claims, state laws can help you seek compensation for your injuries.

Your personal injury law case will fall under the civil laws governing your residence area. So, the only way to ask someone to compensate you for losses is to bring a claim against them. A car accident attorney will take you through the claims process to know what to expect.

The law requires you to bring the case to court (with the help of a lawyer). At this point, the legal proceedings will focus on deciding who was at fault during the accident. It will also revolve around calculating compensation.

With a lawyer’s help, you’ll discover the three grounds for filing an accident claim. These grounds include negligence, strict liability, and intentional wrongs.

As a basis for an injury claim, negligence focuses on one’s inability to exercise care when required. Strict liability holds the responsible party accountable regardless of their mental state or intent at the time of the accident. And finally, intentional wrongs focus more on intent.


Find the Hidden Value in Your Claim

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Since car accidents may result in various damages, finding the actual value of your claim can be difficult if you do it yourself. Your vehicle may be totaled in the process, or you may suffer life-threatening injuries. A competent lawyer can help uncover these losses and their suitable compensation.

With their help, you can seek compensation for different kinds of losses. They include the following:

  • Cost of the current or future medical bills.
  • Cost of repairing or replacing your damaged car.
  • Reduced earning capacity (for serious injuries that limit your ability to work).
  • Lost wages for the time you were out of work mainly due to the injuries.
  • Loss of consortium (if your loved one gets fatally injured).
  • Anguish and emotional pain.
  • Funeral and burial expenses (if you lose a loved one).

Bringing a lawyer on board can help maximize the compensation amount. The lawyer will gather relevant evidence to prove liability in the claim. Evidence may include photos of the accident scene, police reports, and conversations with witnesses and investigating police officers.

Your attorney will also reach out to the physician that oversaw your medical treatment. Medical records acquired from the doctor can support your claim.


File a Lawsuit on Your Behalf

With a personal injury attorney by your side, you can file a suit against the defendant. The defendant may include at-fault or negligent drivers, car manufacturers, or property owners. Government agencies can also be part of the lawsuit if they are to blame for poor road conditions.

The strength of the lawsuit will depend on the evidence gathered. So, be transparent with your lawyer regarding your recollection of the accident. Also, expect them to appoint experts to help interpret evidence before a judge or jury.

Litigation starts when you file the lawsuit in court (with your attorney’s help). It initiates the discovery phase, where both parties investigate the claims and defenses. Since it involves a lot of back and forth and documentation, this phase may take a while.


Negotiate Settlement with Insurance Adjusters

Your car accident attorney can work a fair settlement with the insurance adjusters. Negotiations only begin when they have substantial proof of the other party’s fault. They also require your lawyer to state the amount you are owed.

First, the lawyer will send your compensation demands to the other party. Expect them to start negotiations with a higher number, which may be slightly reduced depending on how the process goes. And the other party may either respond with a counteroffer or accept the offer.

Negotiations may take a while if the lien holders or insurance adjusters offer less than your attorney thinks you deserve. Lien holders, in this context, include workers’ compensation, disability, or health insurers with a lien in your claim. If no settlement is reached, the matter may proceed to court.


Hire a Washington Car Accident Lawyer Today

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Hiring a Washington car accident lawyer is a sure way to easily navigate the claims process. The process includes getting appropriate medical care and treatment and filing the claim. Your financial compensation for the injuries will also be maximized.

Count on Alpha Accident Lawyer for protection against unfair practices. There are local teams across the US ready to work with your case. Be sure to seek legal help today for your personal injury claim.

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