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Damages in a Bicycle Accident

Have you suffered serious injuries caused by a Las Vegas bicycle accident? Alpha Accident Lawyers will build a strong bike accident case on your behalf and fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

Famous for casinos, resorts, and nightlife, Las Vegas is a prime destination for tourists. Reckless motor vehicle drivers make the Las Vegas roads unsafe for fellow motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

After being involved in a bicycle accident, victims must undergo the demanding process of recovery. To complicate matters, the responsible party's insurance company will make every effort to minimize the severity of the Las Vegas bicycle accident and depreciate the compensation that is rightfully due to bicycle accident victims.

Our personal injury attorneys at Alpha Accident Lawyers will advocate for you to build a winning Las Vegas bicycle accident case. Contact us today to get the process started. We offer a 100% no-obligation, completely free consultation.

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Why Hire a Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Las Vegas?

It's important to do the right thing. Cyclists are often blamed for causing bike accidents. Every time Alpha Accident Lawyers represent a bicyclist, we want to make a larger impact. Together we can raise awareness and create safer roads for cyclists in Nevada.

When you work with our award-winning law firm, you can expect the following benefits.

Thorough Investigation

Our Las Vegas bike accident lawyers will work with the police to investigate your bicycle accident case. In addition, our personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas will conduct our own private investigation.

We want to prove beyond any doubt who was at fault. We'll work with all evidence to support your personal injury case. The evidence may include witness statements, video surveillance recordings, medical records, driver history, and so on.

Compassionate Team

Our injury lawyers understand what it means to be a bicyclist in a car accident and what impact a crash can have on you. You will likely experience fear and anxiety. While we want you to focus on healing from your bicycle accident injuries, our compassionate team at Alpha also wants to aid in helping you recover from your psychological trauma.

We hope that getting justice and closure on your Las Vegas bicycle accident case will accomplish that.

Experienced Bike Accident Attorneys in Las Vegas

Our team of experienced injury lawyers is ready to take on your case. If you have suffered injuries in a bicycle accident, we can help you seek compensation from the at-fault party. At Alpha Accident Lawyers, our personal injury lawyers will give you the legal representation you deserve.



Determining Who Is Liable in a Bike Accident

experienced bicycle accident attorney in las vegas can help with bike accidents

In a traffic accident, the severity and outcome of each bicycle accident case will vary. The most disastrous bicycle accidents happen through collisions with motor vehicles. After a bicycle accident, it's vital for accident victims to seek medical attention immediately. Records like medical records and receipts for medical bills are crucial to your bicycle accident claim.

Because the serious injuries sustained are damaging and can have long-term effects, victims are encouraged to file a personal injury claim to compensate for current and future damages. Filing a personal injury claim is a part of exercising your rights, and Alpha Accident Lawyers is here to support you through the process.

The liable party is who will be held responsible for paying for these damages. In a bike accident, the following can be held liable.


If your bicycle accident involved a car, you can file a claim against the at-fault driver of the vehicle. This is the most popular type of case and usually happens due to the driver's negligence. The driver might have forgotten to check their mirrors or wasn't watching the road closely while driving.

Government Agencies

Did your accident happen because the road was in bad condition? If, for example, you fell off your cycle due to the debris, you can file a claim against the authorities. These would usually be governmental bodies responsible for maintaining the roads.


Damages in a Bicycle Accident

las vegas bicycle accident lawyer can help with bicycle accident cases

The damages you can claim for a receive vary from case to case. Each category will affect how much your settlement is worth. Our bicycle accident attorneys will give you more details during your consultation.

Economic Damages

Economic damages mean tangible things like medical bills or damage to your property. They can also include loss of wages if you had to take time off work due to your injury.

Non-Economic Damages

This category includes things that aren't tangible, such as your mental strain, suffering, and issues relating to your quality of life.

Punitive Damages

If your bicycle accident case escalates to trial, a jury or the judge can punish especially egregious motor vehicle drivers. This would happen if the driver was being reckless and broke a law, like driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


Getting Started

We encourage you to begin, or at least inquire, about the claims process as soon as possible. The sooner you consult with a bike accident lawyer, the sooner you will have direction on how to proceed with your legal options.

Additionally, the statute of limitations provides a limited amount of time to file a claim, so you do not want to miss that deadline. Before hiring Alpha Accident Lawyers, the early stages of gaining legal insight will consist of the following steps.

Step 1: Reach Out

The first step is to contact us. You can call us or stop by our office in Las Vegas to ask any questions about our firm, your accident, and any other inquiries you may have.

Step 2: Free Consultation

We offer a free consultation. It's a chance for us to look over your case and let you know whether it's worth pursuing. We act in your best interest. We'll take into account the information you give us as well as our experience and tell you the best way to proceed.

Step 3: Work With Us

As soon as you're ready, we will begin working on your bicycle accident case. We'll gather all of the necessary information to support your claim. From there, we will communicate with the responsible driver's insurance company and work towards a fair settlement.

Contact the Top-Rated Las Vegas Bicycle Accident Law Firm

Alpha Accident Lawyers represent cyclists from all across Nevada. From small bicycle accidents to life-changing crashes, we're here to help. Our aim is to obtain the maximum compensation for your serious injuries so you can heal back to your normal state, pre-accident. Simultaneously, we will also make Las Vegas roads a safer place for cyclists.

Get the process of filing a claim started today. Our friendly and knowledgeable bicycle accident lawyers in Las Vegas will walk you through everything you need to know.





las vegas bicycle accident lawyer can help with bicycle accident claim

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