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Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft have become extremely popular in America and serve as an alternative to taxis. However, there is a downside to using these services.

Lyft and Uber accidents are more complicated and complex than the average car or taxi accidents. Rideshare companies like these attempt to avoid damage or personal injury liability from their drivers by using independent contractors.

If you suffered injuries in a rideshare accident, you may be entitled to compensation. At Alpha Accident Lawyers, we have experienced Denver rideshare accident lawyers available ready to help you with your case.

Our personal injury attorneys can help you with every aspect of your journey through the legal claim process and get you the best outcome. Our firm operates on a contingency fee basis which means we do not collect any legal fees until we win your case. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.



Common Causes of Rideshare Accidents

Unlike taxi drivers, rideshare drivers are not required to have received special training or testing. Many times, Uber and Lyft drivers are using the app as a side gig, so it’s easy to see how they are just like any other driver on the road. Similar to other drivers, rideshare drivers can get into accidents due to distraction, speeding, or tiredness. Below are some of the top causes of Uber and Lyft accidents in Colorado:

  • Fatigue
  • Distraction
  • Speeding
  • Inexperience
  • Failure to obey traffic signals and signs
  • Unsafe pickup locations
  • Intoxication 
  • Failure to maintain vehicle

Getting into a car accident is stressful. When you factor in a rideshare company, a standard car accident claim can become even more complicated. Hiring an experienced Uber and Lyft accident attorney is your best bet at fair compensation. 


Who Is Liable in Uber and Lyft Accidents?

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Determining who is liable in an Uber or Lyft accident can be complicated, and pinpointing exactly who the responsible party is may not be obvious. Potentially liable parties include:

  • The rideshare company
  • The rideshare driver
  • The driver of another vehicle involved in the accident

It is very rare that the blame would fall on the rideshare passenger unless they interfered somehow with the driver of the vehicle and caused the accident.

If a rideshare driver crashes into another vehicle, it would be just like any other crash where the liability falls on whoever is at fault. However, proving who was at fault in an accident requires establishing who was negligent or failed to use reasonable actions in a situation.

This may include speeding, failing to yield the right of way, not stopping for a red light, texting while driving, or driving under the influence. In a personal injury case, the victim's Uber and Lyft accident lawyer in Denver must prove that the driver is responsible for the claimed damages.

Alpha Accident Lawyers can help get you the best outcome possible in your Denver rideshare accident claim.


Compensation in Rideshare Accidents

Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft can be a great alternative to costly cab companies, but they don’t come without risk. When someone gets into an accident with a rideshare driver, the process of filing a claim and receiving compensation can be confusing. Victims of these accidents may be unclear as to who is liable for their damages.

When these rideshare businesses first launched, they required drivers to have their own auto insurance to cover damages they incur should they cause an accident.

However, there has been a recent shift in laws across the US. Many states like Colorado made it mandatory for rideshare companies to assume more responsibility in how accidents involving their drivers are handled when transporting individuals for fares. Now, depending on the drivers' service phase, the rideshare company's insurance policy covers drivers, passengers, and third parties.

Coverage provided by Uber and Lyft’s insurance plan involves the rideshare app: when a driver has the app turned on and set to “Ready," it means they are expecting a ride request under the rideshare company's provisions.

Therefore, should an accident occur during this time that the driver caused, it would fall under the rideshare’s third-party insurance coverage. However, if a driver has an accident while the Uber app is offline, then only the driver's auto insurance applies.

Uber and Lyft’s insurance policy covers up to:

  • $25,000 per accident in property damage
  • Up to $50,000 per person for bodily injury
  • Up to $100,000 per accident for bodily injury

Should a collision occur when a driver is transporting passengers or on their way to pick up passengers, Uber and Lyft’s third-party insurance coverage provides $1,000,000 of liability coverage, uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, and contingent collision coverage. However, the driver must pay a $2,500 deductible before this coverage kicks in.


How Much is My Rideshare Claim Worth?

Personal injury claims can vary.

If you suffer injuries as a passenger in a Uber or Lyft accident, you are covered under their third-party liability insurance coverage. However, if the insurance company denies the claim, you will need to take some safety measures. 

One major step in this process is seeking an experienced rideshare accident attorney in Denver, CO to protect your legal rights. Like any other personal injury claim, your rideshare accident claim can recover several damage types.

Medical Expenses

The cost of medical bills, both short and long-term, from rehabilitative care to your hospital bills whether or not your injuries were serious.

Loss of Income

If you cannot work because of your injuries, your personal injury claim can include your lost income as damages.

Property Damage

If you had personal property that was lost, damaged, or destroyed during an accident as a rideshare passenger, you can include it in your claim. If you were hit by a rideshare driver, your claim can include the cost to repair your vehicle.

Pain and Suffering

You can be compensated for pain, suffering, and emotional distress incurred as a result of the accident. 

Colorado Statute of Limitations

It's important to note that Colorado residents have three years from the date when their accident occurred to file a personal injury claim. This is why it is crucial to seek legal counsel who can protect your rights as soon as possible.


What To Do After An Uber or Lyft Accident

You’re likely to experience shock after an accident occurs. In a state of shock, you may not realize the moments following a crash are the most critical. Here are some important steps to take:

Call 911. Call the police and wait for them to arrive. Ask for a copy of the accident report which will contain important details of the rideshare accident

Seek medical treatment. Whether or not an ambulance arrives at the scene, visit an emergency room or urgent care to get checked out by a physician. 

Gather important information. Get the contact information and insurance details of the Uber or Lyft driver or other driver involved. If you can, take photos of the rideshare vehicle damage or damage to your vehicle, and your injuries. 

Report the incident. Notify the rideshare company of the accident, as well as your insurance company. Be careful not to discuss details or fault of the accident, as this can hurt your claim later on.

Contact a Denver rideshare accident attorney. An Uber and Lyft accident attorney can help you file a claim and negotiate with the driver’s insurance company or the ridesharing company.


Contact an Experienced Denver Rideshare Accident Lawyer 

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Accidents can happen suddenly and without warning. Serious accidents that result in injury can have long lasting implications. The at-fault driver and their insurance company should be held accountable to pay for any damages and suffering sustained in the crash.

If you or a loved one was injured in a Colorado Uber or Lyft accident, our experienced attorneys can help you get fair and full compensation and hold the right party liable. We never ask for fees unless we recover a settlement.

At Alpha Accident Lawyers, we are experienced in personal injury law. We will fight to ensure you get the settlement due to you to cover your damages, suffering, lost income, and more, not only now but for the future.

Our Denver rideshare accident attorneys are proud to serve Denver and the surrounding communities of Arvada, Aurora, Boulder, Brighton, Centennial, Colorado Springs, Commerce City, Englewood, Fort Collins, Highlands Ranch, Lakewood, Morrison, Thornton, and Westminster. 

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