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If you have been injured in a trucking accident in Arizona, you may be entitled to more than what the insurance company is offering. To recover maximum compensation, call the experienced truck accident lawyers in Phoenix here at Alpha Accident Lawyers.

Speak with one of our award-winning personal injury attorneys for a free case evaluation. We’ll discuss your claim and explore your legal options so you receive the fair compensation you deserve.


Work With Compassionate Phoenix Truck Accident Attorneys

More than half a million Americans are injured in commercial trucking accidents every year. This makes it one of the most common types of traffic accidents. Because tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers, and other large commercial trucks are several times heavier than your average vehicle, the results are devastating.

If you have been injured in a truck accident, you may be faced with costly medical bills due to catastrophic injuries obtained from the collision. Oftentimes, victims of truck accidents are uncertain of how to seek the proper medical care they need to recover.

With uncertainty regarding your legal options, it would be helpful to consult with a trusted team of Phoenix truck accident attorneys who specialize in truck accidents and truck accident cases involving gross negligence.

Our award-winning team of Phoenix truck accident lawyers has the experience you need to get the most out of your claim. Contact us to discover how we can assist with your truck accident case.




Common Causes of Phoenix Truck Accidents

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Truck accidents occur in Phoenix due to a variety of causes. Some causes of truck accidents can include the following:


When truck drivers and other motorists speed it can lead to dangerous truck crashes. Large commercial vehicles can cause a great amount of damage including significant property damage, permanent injuries, wrongful death, and emotional trauma. Due to the size and weight of commercial vehicles, trucking companies are governed by strict safety regulations. Commercial trucks are often 20-30 times heavier than passenger vehicles. In truck accidents, oftentimes the fatalities are the occupants in the passenger vehicle involved.

Poor Vehicle Maintenance

Trucks require routine inspection and maintenance in order to maintain the safety of the vehicle and truck driver. When commercial trucks and vehicles are not properly maintained, they can cause severe truck accidents. When drivers skip routine inspections, it puts themselves and others around them at great risk.

Fatigued Driving

A study reported that 18% of truck drivers surveyed acknowledged that they fell asleep at the wheel at one time or point in their career. In the Large Truck Crash Causation Study, it was reported that 13% of commercial truck drivers were considered fatigued at the time of the truck crashes.

Imbalanced Load

An unbalanced load is one where the contents of the load are not equally distributed. An unbalanced load is dangerous because it could cause the truck driver to lose control of the vehicle. Imbalanced loads can contribute too much weight onto the vehicle's rear section. Consequently, certain maneuvers like turning or slowing down can become especially difficult and may result in a truck accident.

Driving Under the Influence

There is one alcohol-related crash fatality every 50 minutes in the United States. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is very dangerous and results in severe injuries and wrongful death victims each year.

Disregard for Weather Conditions

Poor weather conditions cause numerous truck accidents each year. Truck drivers and other motorists must adjust to certain weather conditions while out on the road. The most common weather conditions that can affect driving include:

  • Rain - Rain significantly obstructs visibility on the road. Wet roads can cause truck drivers and other motorists to hydroplane when the wheels lose traction.
  • Hail - Hail can also impede vision for commercial drivers and other motorists alike.
  • Ice - Icy pavements and slush can significantly contribute to truck accidents. Truck drivers may lose traction and may not be able to break in time.
  • Fog - Fog can interfere with a driver's view and they may not be able to anticipate another vehicle, especially if driving fast.
  • Wind - The wind is especially dangerous when objects are blown onto the driver's windshield, obstructing their view.

Improper Training

When commercial drivers don't get the proper training they need to operate their vehicles in a safe manner that follows state and federal regulations, it puts others at risk and can result in a severe truck accident.


 Who Is Liable After a Truck Accident?

Forklift Tractor Loading Package Boxes into Cargo Container at Dock Warehouse is something a phoenix truck accident attorneys help with in truck accident claims

Truck Drivers

A truck driver can be held accountable for a truck accident if they were driving negligently, recklessly, or breaking the law.

Manufacturer of Truck Parts

If defective truck parts caused the Phoenix truck accident, the manufacturer may be held liable for damages.

Manufacturer of Tires

Commercial trucking operations require that tires are able to withstand the demands of lengthy road excursions. Therefore, truck tires must undergo extensive testing to verify that they are functioning properly. The tire manufacturer may bear responsibility in the event a faulty truck tire causes a truck accident.

Truck Maintenence Company

If the truck maintenance company failed to perform necessary maintenance on a commercial truck and it causes a trucking accident, the truck maintenance company or contractor can be held responsible for damages.

Trucking Company

The trucking company that hired the truck driver can be held accountable for damages in a truck accident.

Cargo Loaders

Cargo loaders and the company that hired them can be held responsible for damages if the truck accident was caused by an unbalanced load or improperly loaded vehicle. If a commercial truck is not loaded properly it can cause trucking accidents like rollovers and tip-overs.



Contact a Truck Accident Attorney for Your Truck Accident Claim

a phoenix truck accident lawyer can help with a truck accident claim involving a trucking company

If you have been injured in a Phoenix truck accident, it’s vital that you speak with a qualified Phoenix truck accident attorney.

Insurance companies are usually backed by their own team of legal experts. Their job is to ensure that victims of truck accidents are compensated for as little as possible. They attempt to do this by devaluing injury claims. Unfortunately, it sometimes works on victims who do not have legal representation. Consequently, it's vital to have an experienced Phoenix truck accident lawyer on your side.

A knowledgeable truck accident attorney pushes back on insurance adjusters’ tactics and protects the rights of truck accident victims.

Our experienced Phoenix truck accident lawyers will work hard to make sure your rights are protected. A truck accident lawyer will help you determine all of the current and future expenses related to your accident that should be included in the settlement.


Get the Care You Need Fast

Our first priority following a truck accident is to ensure that you get the quality care you need to recover.

When you visit our personal injury law firm, tell us about your injuries and any treatment you have already received.  Being involved in a trucking accident can be terrifying and lead to both long-term physical and mental anxiety. However, you do not have to experience such a difficult time alone.

We are here for you every step of the way to help you begin your healing process. We will connect you with the best healthcare professionals for your physical injuries, as well as any mental distress, like post-traumatic stress. Call us to learn more about our services.

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How Our Truck Accident Legal Services Work

Step 1: Find Out if You Have a Case

Give us a call to schedule a risk-free, no-obligation consultation. We will go over your case in great detail. We will also explore the full scope of the trucking accident to determine how much your truck crash case is worth.

This allows you to make an educated decision on what your next steps should be and how to proceed.

Step 2: Receive Expert Medical Care

We work with the best doctors and medical professionals in Arizona, so our clients get the proper care they need in order to heal.  You will not be responsible for any medical costs until your case is won.

Step 3: Build a Winning Case

We make sure your physical and mental well-being is taken care of by quality healthcare professionals.

We thoroughly examine your trucking accident case to determine all of your expenses, including long-term expenses you may not have considered. Then, we gather the evidence we need to show why the insurance company should be held accountable for the proposed expenses.

Step 4: Get the Money You Need to Care for Your Family

Our goal is to settle the truck accident case with minimal interruption to your life, so you receive the compensation you deserve to care for your family.  We understand this is a stressful and upsetting time for you and your loved ones, and we do everything in our power to recover the maximum compensation.

Step 5: Get Peace of Mind

When you work with our Phoenix truck accident lawyers, you gain confidence knowing that you are in good hands. Alpha Accident Lawyers will fight to get you the most desirable outcome for your case.



Experience the Alpha Difference

The Phoenix truck accident attorneys at Alpha Accident Lawyers win cases for truck accident victims. Our firm has the experience and resources to take on the insurance companies.

We also put our clients first, keeping them informed every step of the way from start to finish. Unlike other law firms in Arizona, we are available to address any questions you may have 24/7. An experienced trucking accident lawyer can hold the trucking company and the insurance company accountable for your damages.

How Much Does a Phoenix Truck Accident Lawyer Cost?

A truck accident victim may be intimidated by the thought of legal fees, which is an understandable concern. However, our personal injury law firm works on a contingency fee basis.

We do not bill our clients until the truck accident case has been settled. Therefore, you don’t pay until we win.

Recover Compensation Following a Truck Accident

If you have been injured in a Phoenix trucking accident, we want to help you get the compensation and care you need to get on the road to recovery. Give us a call to schedule your no-risk, no-obligation, free consultation today.

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