Why You Need a Lawyer After a Car Accident Spine Injury

Car Accident Spine Injury

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A car accident spine injury can lead to severe financial and physical pain. Have you sustained a spinal cord injury as a result of the negligence of another person or business? You may be entitled to compensation from the at-fault party. Keep reading to discover why hiring an experienced lawyer after a car accident spine injury is critical.


Determining the At-Fault Party

To hold a person liable for spinal cord injury damages, it must first be proven whether the injury was caused by negligence.

If someone breaches a particular law or rule of the roadway and causes another harm, that individual could be found “negligent.” An example of negligence in a car accident spinal injury may include the following:

  • Striking a pedestrian because the driver was texting
  • An intoxicated driver colliding into a neighboring vehicle
  • A speeding motorist running a red light and crashing into a bicyclist

Once the at-fault party has been determined, an attorney will decide the appropriate course of action. These lawsuits can be more challenging to prove than you think. Having the best car accident attorney on your side is critical, especially considering the severe nature of spinal injuries.


Calculating Damages

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In addition to identifying who is at fault, you must also prove the value of your losses. A qualified car accident lawyer should assess your case. Damages in a spinal cord injury case can be difficult to calculate because some losses can last a lifetime. Your damages may include:

  • Earned revenue from job missed due to injury
  • Emergency medical treatment, home health care, hospitalization, medical equipment, etc.
  • Estimated future medical treatment costs
  • Future earnings you would have made without your injury
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Permanent disabilities

The aftermath of a spinal cord injury is often unforeseeable as side effects and ailments can worsen with time. An established law firm should have an exclusive network of medical and financial experts. These professionals will calculate your past and future losses.

The value of spinal injury claims varies, so you need a local attorney who will investigate your case. Car accident spine injury attorneys will review your claim and seek compensation. The goal is to maximize the compensation amount.

Additionally, they should never push clients to accept less than they deserve. Instead, your attorney should be willing to exhaust all options to get full financial compensation.


Collecting Evidence

Once you have completed your medical treatment, your attorney will begin investigating the details of your accident. They will collect all your medical care documents and invoices. This includes copies of any physical therapy or occupational therapy records.

Then, your attorney will compile the paperwork and put together a demand packet. Later, that packet is delivered to the other party’s insurance company. Ultimately, the hope is that insurers will meet these demands. However, given that most spine injuries are severe and have a variety of consequences, the process is never that easy. 

Other variables, like the need for lifetime care, disability, and loss of quality of life increased the amount of compensation. These variables are also more difficult to prove, making it easier for insurance adjusters to reject them.



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As soon as the insurance adjuster has finished reviewing the demand package, they may offer to settle the matter.

However, if you believe that the settlement offer does not provide fair compensation for the accident, you have options. You and your attorney may decide to pursue further negotiations with the insurance company’s adjuster. The parties may need to go through many rounds of negotiation before reaching an agreement.

Successful attorneys should have a resume with years of experience winning cases. Therefore, a lawyer who knows how to negotiate will also know how to obtain the highest possible compensation for your spinal injury.


Settling or Going to Court

If the matter does not settle during settlement negotiations or mediation, the case goes to court. If the matter proceeds to trial, a jury will determine the number of the accident victim’s damages.

Based on the evidence provided, a jury will decide if the claim is valid. However, this does not always occur, and there might be risks with taking your case to trial. A qualified legal team can help you determine the best course of action for your spinal injury case.


Hire an Experienced Lawyer for a Car Accident Spine Injury Case

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At Alpha Accident Lawyers, our experienced spinal injury attorneys will defend your rights as an injured victim. We will work to secure the compensation you and your family deserve. A car accident spine injury caused by another person’s negligence can result in a lifetime of pain, suffering, and trauma. 

We understand that monetary compensation can’t “undo” your spinal cord injuries. However, filing an injury lawsuit can be a way for accident victims to seek justice for their injuries. In addition, compensation can help ensure that victims and their families never have to worry about medical expenses.

We are experienced in helping victims recover the maximum compensation for damages following a car accident. To book a free case review with an experienced spine injury lawyer, contact Alpha Accident Lawyers today and get the justice you deserve.


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