What To Do if Your Uber or Lyft Driver Has Been in an Accident

What To Do if Your Uber or Lyft Driver Has Been in an Accident

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Did you know that the number of people using ride-sharing services has doubled since 2015? Unfortunately, this increase in services like Uber and Lyft has negative consequences. More rideshare drivers mean more accidents. This can be a problem for riders because sorting out the insurance information after one of the events can be pretty confusing. That’s why we made this guide. In it, we’ll walk you through exactly what to do following an accident with your Uber or Lyft driver.

That way, you can get the compensation you deserve for any injuries. Here are proactive steps you can follow after an Uber or Lyft accident.


Call the Police if Your Uber or Lyft Driver Got in an Accident

The first thing you should do is contact the police. This would be a crucial step if someone were seriously hurt in the accident. However, even if everyone is okay, it’s still a necessary thing to do.

An objective accident report from an officer will make your life a lot easier regarding insurance claims. So, call 911 and give them the basic information about the accident (your name, location, what happened, and whether or not anyone was hurt).

When the police officer arrives at the scene, ask them for their name and badge number. This will make it easier to find the police report in the future.


Seek Medical Attention Immediately if Needed

If you, or anyone involved in the accident, is hurt, they should seek medical attention. Remember that each year over 1.5 million people have injuries from car accidents.

It can be helpful to stay at the crash scene to gather evidence. But remember that your health and safety are more important. Call an ambulance immediately and get the medical attention you need.

If you have minor injuries or are unsure if you’re injured, you should still seek medical attention as soon as possible after the accident. Remember that not seeking medical attention can hurt the chances of your case if the insurance companies fight back.

This is important because many car accident injuries, like whiplash or concussions, can go undetected for days or weeks.

Make sure you ask the healthcare practitioners for all the documents related to your injuries. This is important both as evidence and for insurance claim purposes.


Gather Evidence at the Scene

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If you aren’t seriously injured, getting some evidence while waiting for the authorities to arrive can be beneficial. For starters, take some photos and videos of the accident and the surrounding scene.

If you can, get these photographs before anyone moves vehicles to the side of the road. That way, you can have an accurate recreation of how to accident happened. If there are any witnesses to the accident, talk to them.

Ask them for their name and phone number. That way, if the insurance company or driver fights back, you’ll have a corroborating witness that can give testimony.


Write Down Important Information

To file an insurance claim with Uber or Lyft, you will need some vital information. Make sure to collect this at the scene while you’re gathering evidence. Ask your driver for their name, phone number, and home address.

Next, get any information related to their insurance policy. Lastly, get the make, model, registration number, and license plate of the car you were in.

Once you’ve gathered this information, you should move on to any other parties involved in the accident. Ask them for the same information.

If you were involved in a hit-and-run, try to get the license plate number and the car color, make and model. This can help police find the guilty party in the future.


Report the Accident to Uber or Lyft

Your driver will likely report the accident to Uber or Lyft for you. But, to make sure, you should report the accident yourself as well. There should be an option to do this on the app.

This is important if the driver tries to hide the fact that they’ve been in an accident. Sometimes, Uber or Lyft might contact you to learn more about the accident.

It would help if you treated these representatives like insurance agents. Be careful what you tell them about the accident.

Only give them a few objective details. If they press you for more information, tell them your lawyer will be in touch with them.


Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

You’re entitled to injury claims if you have been injured in an Uber or Lyft accident. Unfortunately, these cases can get complicated quickly. This is due to the fact that multiple insurance policies are usually involved.

And sadly, all of these insurance providers are in the business of making money. That means they’ll do everything they can to keep the money you deserve out of your hands.

That’s where an accident lawyer comes into play. They’ll negotiate with the insurance companies to make sure that you get the compensation you deserve. So, look for lawyers that specialize in Uber or Lyft accidents.

Schedule a consultation with one of them and bring all the evidence and documents related to your accident. From there, they’ll give you advice on the best course of action for your specific circumstances.


Accident With a Uber or Lyft Driver? Contact Alpha Accident Lawyers

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We hope this article helped you learn what to do after your Uber or Lyft driver is involved in an accident. Remember, the most important thing is to stay calm. Follow as many of these steps as you’re able to.

And most important of all, find yourself a dependable accident attorney like the ones at Alpha Accident Lawyers. We know that car insurance companies can be ruthless when withholding claims.

Our elite team has been hand-picked based on their successful track record. So, contact Alpha Accident Lawyers today if you’re ready for the compensation you deserve.

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