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The Chances of Being Involved in a Car Accident and How to Proactively Avoid Them

The Chances of Being Involved in a Car Accident

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Research for 2021 shows an 18.4 percent increase in the number of deaths from vehicle crashes compared to the same period in 2020. As drivers make their way back on the road after quarantine, it’s important to refamiliarize yourself with car accident statistics.

In this article, we discuss the top car accident causes and related statistics. We will also discuss how to prevent a car wreck with good habits and smart driving.


Common Causes Of Car Accidents

The best way to prevent a car wreck is to understand what causes them. It also helps understand the statistics behind car accidents.

While there are many different causes of car accidents, we’ll discuss the most common. Some of these are also the most preventable causes.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a broad category, but is also the most common reason why drivers end up in car accidents. While some people are more easily distracted than others, many accidents are caused by similar distractions.

One of the leading causes of distracted driving is electronics, specifically mobile phones. From making phone calls to checking emails to texting, mobile phones take the driver’s focus away from the road. Even driving with a hands-free device can be too distracting for some drivers.

Driving While Intoxicated

Intoxicated driving is another common problem that can lead to a car wreck. Drinking alcohol or ingesting other drugs alters your reaction time and ability to make rational decisions.

Heavy intoxication also affects your motor skills. So while an intoxicated person might believe they are driving in a straight line, they could easily veer off into another lane.

Poor Weather Conditions

Heavy rain, icy roads, and poor visibility are just a few examples of weather conditions that negatively affect your driving ability. If your vehicle or local department of transportation isn’t well-equipped to handle these types of conditions, you could end up in a car crash.

Breaking The Law

Drivers who don’t follow driving laws pose a risk to themselves and other drivers. Failing to stop at a stop sign or not yielding to other drivers could lead to a car wreck and your need for a car accident lawyer.

Breaking the law can happen gradually as drivers become more confident in their driving abilities. They think they’re careful enough and vigilant enough that speeding isn’t a risk to them. Overconfidence can be dangerous in this way.


Statistics For Car Accidents

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These common causes of car accidents contribute to a surprising number of injuries and deaths. The CDC found that over two million people are injured in vehicle crashes each year and approximately 32,000 die in these accidents.

Odds Per Mile

Your chances of being in a car accident increase the more time you spend in the car and the further you drive. For every 1,000 miles driven, a person has a one in 366 chance of being in a car wreck.

Driver Decisions

A driver plays a significant role in determining whether or not they end up needing a car accident lawyer. This is especially true for those that choose drunk driving or speeding.

Drunk driving alone is a contributing factor in 28 percent of all vehicle-related deaths in the United States. The best lawyer with experience in traffic accidents is needed in these cases.


How To Help Prevent A Car Accident

It’s essential to learn how to prevent a car crash. While you can’t prevent another driver from speeding or driving impaired, you can take measures to protect yourself.

Educate Yourself

One of the best ways to prevent car accidents is to educate yourself. For new drivers, this means enrolling in a driver’s education course to learn basic traffic laws and expectations.

For experienced drivers, this means learning how to confidently operate your vehicle or learn about driving conditions based on your location’s weather patterns. The more you learn about driving, the more able you are to drive defensively.

Be Prepared in a Car Accident

Being prepared means different things based on your driving experience. New drivers should practice driving in different conditions such as day driving, night driving, and driving during adverse weather.

As drivers’ skills develop, they should prepare for tougher driving conditions. For example, if your town or city is prone to icy roadways, learn how and when to switch out your car’s tires for snow tires or snow chains.

Limit Distractions

Since distracted driving is the leading cause of car accidents, it’s essential to limit distractions in your vehicle if you want to remain safe. Since different people find different things distracting, it’s important to consider your limitations.

If you struggle to ignore your phone when it rings, consider putting it in your backseat when you get in the car. If you get caught up in talking with your passengers while you drive, either limit the number of passengers or see if someone else is willing to drive.

Commit to Good Habits

One of the best things you can do to prevent car accidents is to commit to good driving habits.

When you get in your vehicle, you should appreciate driving for the responsibility it is. Keeping a level head and remaining calm during poor conditions can help you make good driving decisions while on the road.

However, you also want to commit to other good habits such as following traffic laws. From always wearing your seat belt to not driving intoxicated, these laws are designed to keep you and other drivers safe.


Be Smart And Avoid a Car Accident

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If you don’t want to be another one of these car accidents, take a close look at your approach to driving. If you’re feeling overconfident, review the shocking car wreck statistics to bring you back into good habits.

If you’re in need of the best car accident lawyer, contact us today for a consultation.

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