How to Find the Most Qualified Brain Injury Lawyer For Your Case: 8 Questions to Ask

How to Find the Most Qualified Brain Injury Lawyer For Your Case

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There are about 64,000 traumatic brain injury deaths in the United States annually. When you or your loved one gets a brain injury due to someone else’s negligence your normal life can be turned upside down. From medical fees to losing your job, a brain injury can leave your life in a state of chaos. Luckily, you can get the justice and compensation you deserve by hiring a brain injury lawyer. But it can be quite overwhelming to find the right attorney for your case.

Below are some essential questions you should a brain injury lawyer before you consider hiring them to represent you.


How Much Experience Do You Have With Brain Injury Claims?

From mild concussions to life-threatening diffuse axonal injuries (DAIs), brain injuries fall across the spectrum. When you hire a serious injury attorney, you don’t just want them to understand the basic concepts surrounding brain injuries.

Ensure your lawyer has in-depth knowledge about your injury. This allows them to investigate and explain your specific injuries with precision.

Don’t hesitate to ask the brain injury attorney about their specific experiences and knowledge. If you have a rare brain injury, look for a lawyer who has handled a similar injury.

Also, inquire if your lawyer has existing relationships with neurologists and other brain experts that can help them quickly get up to speed with your condition.


What’s Your Brain Injury Claim Track Record?

Apart from experience, your TBI lawyer should also have a proven track record of success with complex brain injury claims. You don’t want to hire a lawyer who has lost all their cases. This is why you should ensure you ask them about their other traumatic brain injury lawsuits.

Due to attorney-client confidentiality, serious injury lawyers can’t simply give you their past clients’ contact information. But they can direct you to their case studies and online reviews where you can see what past clients say about their firm. Make sure the reviews touch on the top qualities you’re looking for in a TBI attorney.


What is My Brain Injury Case Worth?

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Due to the severity and drastic impact, brain trauma claims often get a high settlement value. But providing an accurate estimation of your case is a difficult task since each case is unique.

While there isn’t an accurate formula out there to determine your case’s worth, the amount of compensation will depend on the physical, emotional, and cognitive impacts of your TBI injury. Your lawyer should ensure they factor in all these issues.

The factors that influence your case’s worth include:

  • Medical bills
  • Costs of life care
  • Pain and suffering and Non-economic losses
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage


Do You Litigate Cases or Take Them to Trial?

If you get a traumatic brain injury from an accident, chances are you can solve the case through litigation or go to trial. This is why it’s important to ask your lawyer how they intend to get you the settlement you deserve.

In case your lawyer insists on an out-of-court-settlement, they may not have your best interests and can opt to settle your case at a discount. When hiring your brain injury lawyer, ensure you inquire about their litigation and trial experience.

They must be negotiating out of court and also trying cases in court if the insurance companies offer you the lowest compensation.


What Issues or Difficulties do You See with My Brain Injury Case?

As much as you want to win your brain injury claim, you need to know the difficulties you have to face along the way. An experienced TBI lawyer should be able to point out the challenges you may have to endure during the case. Also, they must provide viable solutions.

If a lawyer tells you that your case will be smooth-sailing, it may be a red flag. This is because the legal system is very complex and things may not be as straightforward.


Will My Case Be a Priority for This Law Firm?

After getting a brain injury, you may struggle with memory deficits, concentration problems, and other cognitive challenges. What’s more, the insurance providers of the at-fault party will be fighting hard to avoid admitting any fault.

For the best outcome, you need to ask the TBI lawyer if they have time to focus on your case. Avoid lawyers that handle dozen of cases at the same time. You should hire a personal injury attorney that devotes proper time and effort to help you understand your options and provides proper guidance.

Additionally, inquire about their preferred communication methods and how often you’ll hear from them about the progress of the case.

What Will Be Required of Me?

An experienced TBI lawyer knows that they can’t win a case on their own. They should be able to form a strong partnership with you. This is why you should ask your lawyer about the role you’ll play in the case. Your serious injury attorney should be able to outline your responsibilities throughout the case.

Whether you have to refer witnesses, handle depositions, or make medical appointments, ensure your lawyer directs you on things to do to ensure your brain injury claim is successful.

Your attorney should also prepare you for common questions that you’ll face during the litigation process or trial.

What Are Your Legal Fees?

Pricing is an important factor when hiring a brain injury lawyer. This is why you should request a quote of how much your case is worth. They may not give you an exact amount but they can estimate the price depending on whether you agree to an out-of-court settlement or choose to go on trial.

Good brain injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means they won’t get paid if you don’t receive any compensation. Since this is a standard for most serious injury attorneys, it may be a red flag if you consult with a lawyer that doesn’t offer a contingency fee plan.


Contact a Brain Injury Lawyer

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