Choosing a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

If you were hit by a car or lost a loved one due to a driver’s negligence, then you should really consider working withan attorney. Choosing a pedestrian accident lawyer with the right experience and proven track will help you secure a better settlement outcome than trying to take on the insurance companies alone.

Did you know that in 2017, 5,977 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes? Unfortunately, almost half of these accidents were a result of drunk driving. Here’s a breakdown of the top six tips for finding the best pedestrian accident lawyer for you.


1. References and Reviews

You first need to consider how you heard of the pedestrian accident lawyer you’re considering and whether the references are good ones. Did the person who referred them work with them personally? Do you believe the person who recommended them is giving an unbiased reference? 

It’s also important that you ask for previous references if the law firm doesn’t provide them on their site. You may find online reviews for the company. If so, make sure that those reviews are generally positive. Pay attention to the details that the reviewers provide instead of just the number of stars.

For instance, do people provide the names of the lawyers who worked with them personally? Do reviewers detail what it was like working with them? The more details, the better–this gives you an idea of what to expect. 


2. Evaluate Experience

When it comes to options for pedestrian accident lawyers, it’s important to pay attention to the ones that have more experience. Make sure that they specialize in personal injury specifically. Even if they have years of experience, they may not come across pedestrian accident cases often if they deal with other cases every day.

Next, you’ll want to see whether they’re recognized in their community with awards, merits, and memberships in associations. Lastly, you’ll want to ask them about their trial experience as well as whether they have experience with your particular case. The more experience they have with your particular situation, the more likely it is that they’ll be able to help you navigate any complicated processes that come along. 


3. High Success Rate as a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Choosing a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Even if the lawyers you’re considering are highly experienced, it’s also important that they have a high success rate. This shows that they have an ability to win even the toughest cases for their clients and fight for them when insurance companies refuse to payout. You may want to ask them if they have experience winning cases other than ones with minor injuries. You’ll also want to know if they have one larger, multi-million dollar case.

You can also leave it an open-ended question for the lawyer you’re considering. Do they give you a vague answer to your question of success rates, or do they have dates, facts, and figures in order to back up their claims? 


4. Rapport

The lawyer or law firm you’re considering may be experienced with a high success rate, but it’s also important that you feel comfortable interacting with them. Opening a case involves an ample amount of communication over multiple months. The process can be significantly more taxing if you’re working with a lawyer that’s hard to get a hold of, rude, or generally unhelpful.

When you’re asking them your initial questions, do they seem approachable, professional, and willing to answer your questions? Do they follow up with you frequently? Are they capable of explaining complex legal topics in a way that you can understand? 

It’s important that they still see you as a human being and not a paycheck. Do you feel as if they empathize with what you’re going through? 


5. Read the Fine Print

Next, it’s important that they’re upfront and transparent with you when it comes to their payment model. Make sure that they’re offering an initial consultation for free, as the consultation is usually the only way you can determine whether they’re a right fit or not.

It’s also important to find out whether they’re able to work on a contingency-fee-basis. This payment model means that you pay the legal fees when they win their case. Once the case is won, they take your payment out of your settlement.

This kind of payment model is good for people who would normally not be able to afford a lawyer. Otherwise, the legal fees could be prohibitive. Don’t be afraid to begin comparing lawyer fees in order to find the best pricing model for you. 


6. Additional Resources

pedestrian accident

You’ll want to see what else they’re able to offer you aside from working on your case. Pedestrian accident lawyers should understand that their clients are going through one of the most stressful times of their lives. Along with injuries you may have sustained, you may also be dealing with property damage or a financial hit.

With this in mind, some lawyers are able to negotiate costs with your medical providers as well as provide property damage valuation. They may be able to point you in the direction of recommended medical providers that work on a lien basis. This means that your medical bills will also be taken out of your settlement, easing the financial burden on yourself. 


Choosing a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer: Know Your Options

When it comes to finding a pedestrian accident lawyer, start with the reviews. If a law firm has an overwhelming number of negative reviews, this is a good indication to steer away. On the other hand, positive reviews with details included about customer experiences are genuine.

Along with high success rates and experience, you’ll also want to ensure that you and the lawyer who works with you have a good rapport. You should be treated with respect and professionalism at all times. Alpha Accident Lawyers can help you. After an accident, start with Alpha. Contact us today to get the compensation you deserve.


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