6 Reasons To Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Illinois

6 Reasons To Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Illinois

motorcycle accident lawyer in illinois

Motorcycles account for 3% of registered vehicles on US roads. Yet staggeringly, they account for 14% of road-related fatalities. If you have a crash, even minor collisions can cause serious problems.

Seemingly straightforward accidents can also get complicated quickly. Read on as we discuss why you must hire a motorcycle accident lawyer in Illinois to fight your case.

1. Explain the Claim Process

Filing a claim after a motorcycle accident is seldom an easy process. Once the lawyer has determined that you are eligible for compensation, they will then guide you through the steps you need to take.

Even simple cases where evidence is on your side, and you need to negotiate a settlement, can get complex. Trying to do business with insurance companies to get a fair settlement is difficult. They will try to reduce the amount offered and are trained in negotiating this sum.

Lawyers will negotiate on your behalf. This will ensure the insurance company doesn’t offer a low settlement. Not only this, but a lawyer will protect the rights of accident victims, ensuring they get fair and just treatment.

2. Identify the At-Fault Party

Even when it seems obvious who was at fault for the accident, it could come into dispute. Other factors may be included that you had not considered. Who is at fault for accidents can be complex, especially in cases where it seems like both or neither parties were at fault.

This may go even further than human error. If a vehicle had defective parts, for example, or had not been repaired correctly, then the process gets even more complicated. Third parties then become involved in the process.

Perhaps the people you collided with were part of a rideshare, a Lyft, or an Uber. This then gets very messy as multiple insurance providers come into play.

It is also no secret that there are a lot of misconceptions about motorcycle drivers. People wrongly assume they are reckless and don’t take due diligence. This may be true of some, but not all, and it is often others on the road who do not look out for smaller vehicles that cause accidents.

An attorney will use your level of experience and previous records to build a defense. This will ensure you don’t get the blame for things that are not your fault.

When you hire an Illinois accident attorney, they will conduct a thorough investigation. This will allow them to build a case on who they believe was at fault with evidence and get your compensation.

3. Prove Your Damages

Not all damage is visible after an accident, physically, or when it comes to your vehicle. The job of an insurance company after an accident is to pay out as little as possible and protect its profits. Therefore, you may find they get you to sign forms and disclaimers or even make low offers immediately after the accident.

One trick is to request a release of information, which provides them with your previous medical records. They may use this to provide evidence that the accident could not have caused your issues or even that they existed before.

Motorcycle accident lawyers will ensure insurance companies can not play these underhand tactics. A lawyer won’t let you sign any documents that could damage your claim.

They will also liaise with experts to prove that you are rightly compensated for the damage you incur, making sure it is proven in court. Medical professionals and mental health experts are just a few of the people they may wish to get evidence from.

4. To Calculate the Right Amount

motorcycle accident injuries

How much monetary value would you put on your injury? Has it been a minor annoyance, or has it impacted your ability to do your job? How much emotional damage have you suffered?

All these are questions you need to consider after motorcycle accidents. It is not enough that medical bills alone are paid for, and the monetary value of these injuries is hard to put a price on.

Many damages that cause pain, suffering, and mental distress are hard to place an exact amount upon. A lawyer can help you calculate the right amount. They will also be able to help you prove these damages.

A motorcycle accident lawyer in Illinois will have experience with previous cases. They will know what sums are usually given out for similar accidents. Factoring in the loss of income, reductions in quality of living, and emotional suffering are also included.

5. Allow You to Focus on Recovery

A motorcycle accident is both physically and mentally taxing. You will want to get your life back on track as soon as possible afterward.

Filing a lawsuit and getting the right compensation is another stress you will have to deal with. With a lawyer, worrying about getting your compensation is not an issue. You can focus on the healing process, and you won’t suffer more adverse health conditions, such as stress.

6. They Represent You in Court

In some cases, your compensation claim may go all the way to court. In this instance, you need someone who is experienced in courtrooms, their procedures, and showing evidence in front of a jury.

Never attempt to represent yourself in court. Other people in the room will be much better trained and know the law. They will easily be able to prove the initial amount offered was all you deserved, whereas a lawyer on your side can fight for higher amounts.

Finding a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Illinois

illinois motorcycle accident attorney

Now you know why you need a motorcycle accident lawyer in Illinois; you just need to find the right one. Make sure you approach several to see who understands your needs best. Check online reviews to see who others recommend.

Alpha Accident Lawyers should be your first stop. We can help you in the event of any road accidents by filing claims and representing you in court. Contact us here to speak about your case, and let us get the compensation you deserve.

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