5 Tips for Avoiding the Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

5 Tips for Avoiding the Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

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Riding a motorcycle can include the risk of a crash that can cause severe injuries or death. Some subtle things like leaves, cracks, or water in the pavement can also result in accidents. Besides, car drivers are more likely not to see a motorcycle, thus increasing the chances of cars hitting motorcycles. Therefore, your goal when on the road should be to reduce the risk of a crash. If you want to reduce the risk of getting involved in a traffic accident, read on to learn about 5 common causes of motorcycle accidents.


1. Left Turn Blues

A left-hand turn motorcycle accident occurs when a collision between a car and motorcycle is due to a left turn. In fact, the majority of motorcycle accident cases happen when a vehicle turns left while a motorcycle is moving straight when overtaking another car or passing.

However, you can avoid left-hand turn accidents by decreasing the speed at an intersection. You can also consider placing your two fingers on the front brake while covering the rear brake. In other words, you need to be defensive while riding to prevent accidents.

Always look for vehicles preparing to turn left; take note of how they are edging forward. Are they poorly positioned, or do they seem distracted? These are some signs that you may note of a driver who is about to make a wrong move.


2. Riding Too Fast

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Over speeding may be fatal, especially when traveling too fast in rough conditions.

For instance, riding too fast into a bend might take you by surprise. So, how fast should you go?

Your speed limit should be determined by riding skill level. However, even the best riders can lose control of the bike in a bend. Usually, when you hit the bend too fast, you will be tempted to grab the brakes.

When banked, locking the back wheel is a bad idea.

Speed kills, especially when riding around a bend on an unfamiliar road. Thus, always take each bend like a pro, not at a speed of 100mph. Position yourself correctly, and do a brake test before entering the bend.

Also, stay calmly focused on where you want to go; your bike will do the rest.


3. Riding in a Convoy

Though long lines of bikes snaking down the highway may make good new footage, the risk of an accident is also prevalent. If one bike goes down, other bikes will do the same.

However, these kinds of accidents are rare due to the speed involved. But anything can happen; a motorcycle behind can hit you.

So, while riding in a convoy, concentration is the key. You need to perform extensive control tasks while still keeping the correct distance.

Additionally, when riding in a convoy, you need to know your fellow riders beforehand. You need to determine their riding experience. You also need to know other things about fellow riders that may include;

• How they operate a motorcycle

• How they gauge conditions

• How they respond to situations

Inexperience can also result in a motorcycle accident. But knowing your fellow riders beforehand will help you predict what they will do out on the road.


4. Riding on Wet Roads

Though motorbike tire tread patterns have improved in the past few years, their ability is still limited. Bikes tires are not designed to force water out of the way.

Motorcycle tires will ride you perfectly in wet conditions and even under an intense downpour.

But, when riding under such wet conditions, you need to be aware of the danger of aquaplaning or losing control. If you are aquaplaning, steering may become horribly light, and the entire back may feel soft like rubber.

In such a situation, don’t grab the brakes; instead, back off the gas, and things will slow until you are in control of the steering.


5. Rear-Ended Collision

Well, rear-end collisions can kill bikers or cause life-altering injuries.

Rear-end accidents do not only occur due to a lack of attention by a motorist. But, a vehicle driver may make a poor judgment regarding the distance of the motorcycle rider.

This type of accident can occur at highway speeds, which can be a worse scenario for the vehicle driver and motorist. Other traffic may also be in danger.

However, you can avoid this kind of auto accident by:

• Leaving a gap between you and the vehicle in front when you approach stationary traffic

• Checking mirrors constantly when on a highway

• Resisting the temptation of going for the brakes

Additionally, always read note the road ahead, four or three lanes. Whenever you are leading in a queue of traffic, be sure to pull away cleanly without delay. This will help the driver from behind from thinking it is a drag race.


Avoid Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

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You can avoid common causes of motorcycle accidents by following your senses and being defensive while riding. Keep your eyes on the road, don’t panic when you sense danger. Learn how to handle your bike and control it.

However, if you are involved in a motorcycle accident, be sure to get the best motorcycle accident lawyer.

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