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5 Benefits of Hiring Truck Accident Attorneys

Truck Accident Attorneys

truck accident attorneys

After an accident, it may take weeks or months for you to recover from your injuries. In some cases, the injuries sustained may even be life-changing and irreversible. Working with truck accident attorneys increases your chances of winning your case. In addition, you will be compensated for damages.

Big-rig and 18-wheeler accidents are more severe than the standard car crash. In fact, truck accidents result in 68% of fatalities on average. With a 52% increase since 2009, it’s estimated that by 2030 truck accidents will be the 5th largest cause of death in the United States.

If you are in an accident, you need to contact truck accident attorneys immediately. While you are working on your recovery, they will work on getting you the compensation you deserve. Keep reading to learn the five benefits of working with a truck accident lawyer.


1. Determine Liability

Determining liability in a truck accident is complicated. There are numerous possible people or agencies that may be fully or partially at fault. This includes the driver, trucking company, contractor, insurer, manufacturer, or maintenance facility.

Truck accident lawyers are familiar with reading this type of accident report, gathering evidence, and determining if one or more parties is liable. This is important if they are unable to obtain an out-of-court settlement and must file a complaint on your behalf.

Injuries from truck accidents include back and neck injuries, broken bones, head trauma, spinal cord damage, internal bleeding, and whiplash. The medical costs for immediate medical treatment and ongoing care can be astronomical. 

You may never have a full recovery physically and/or financially. This is why it is greatly beneficial to hire a truck accident attorney. Therefore, you are backed by an entire law firm that will fight to get you properly compensated.


2. Provide Substantial Evidence

truck accident attorneys

Truck accident attorneys know the rules of discovery. In addition, they use their experience to seek and preserve evidence. This includes anything from: 

  • Video of the driver’s dash-cam
  • Hiring an accident recreation expert
  • Truck maintenance records
  • Driver history and insurance records
  • Preparation of interrogatories for the truck driver
  • Eyewitnesses

Interrogatories are a series of questions that the defendant must respond to under oath. The questions must be in writing using a specific format. The answers must be in writing in a specific format within a set number of days.

They may also submit Requests to Admit, which is another type of statement to the defendant. That person must admit or deny the statement given. If they deny the statement as untrue, they must provide an explanation on why it is untrue. If the recipient fails to respond to requests to admit, the court may consider the unanswered statements an admission.


3. Communicate and Negotiate With Insurance Providers

Your truck accident lawyer will communicate and negotiate with the various insurance providers, adjusters, and their attorneys. Unfortunately, the insurance company’s goal is to lower the settlement amount by as much as possible. They accomplish this by minimizing the level of your injuries. Also, insurance adjusters will also claim that your injuries are not real.

Experienced attorneys are familiar with these tactics. Therefore, they will negotiate a reasonable settlement based on the extent of your injuries and your medical prognosis for recovery. In addition, truck accident attorneys have extensive knowledge in the field. As a result, they know what is a fair settlement and what is a lowball offer. 


4. File a Lawsuit

truck accident attorneys

Truck accident lawyers know the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit. They will prepare the pleadings for a count of negligence and/or any other claim. When it comes to negligence in a truck accident, it must be proven that:

  • The truck driver owed a duty of care to make sure they operated the truck in a careful and prudent manner
  • Duty of care was breached resulting in the accident
  • As a result of those actions, you suffered injuries from that accident
  • The driver’s actions are the direct and proximate cause of your injuries
  • Your pain and suffering should be compensated

In addition, if there is a possibility that more than one party was liable for your injuries, a claim can be filed against all who are responsible. For example, if the load from the truck came undone and caused the wreck, the driver and service worker who loaded the truck can be held accountable. Therefore, your attorney will include more than one defendant in the lawsuit.

If there is more than one defendant, the attorney will show multiple counts in the lawsuit. The lawsuit will specify how each of those parties is liable for the damages you suffer.


5. Represent You in Court and Trial

Multiple court proceedings are held, which include settlement conferences, pre-trials, and motions by either or both parties. Ideally, the goal is to reach an agreement before going to trial. However, if a settlement is not reached, then a trial is held. First, your attorney will prepare for trial. Preparation includes: 

  • Locating witnesses
  • Interviewing and subpoenaing witnesses
  • Compiling and preserving evidence
  • Compose a list of questions to ask witnesses and the defendants

Trial Proceedings

Prior to the trial, your attorney will prepare a list of potential jury instructions for the judge. During this process, each attorney prepares a list of suggested instructions. Then, the judge determines which of those instructions will be given to the jurors prior to deliberation.

First, a jury must be selected. At this time, each side will interview potential jurors and settle on selecting their top 12 picks. Each attorney will ask potential candidates open-ended questions to determine whether they are suitable or unsuitable for the case. Also, each lawyer has a set number of jurors they can have dismissed.

Once the jury is selected, the trial begins. Your truck accident attorney will present your case to the court. This includes an opening statement, presentation of evidence, questioning and cross-examination of witnesses, and closing arguments. In addition, your attorney may also prepare the final court order containing the results of the case.


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truck accident attorneys

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