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4 Common Types of Car Accidents and How to Avoid Them

Car Accidents

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Here’s a harrowing statistic: annually, 20-50 million people suffer injuries from car accidents that often leave them with long-term disabilities. Beyond that, nearly 1.35 million people die as a result of traffic collisions. 

While you cannot account for the recklessness of another motorist, there are simple precautions you can take to avoid being in an accident. In fact, the majority of these crashes are avoidable. Here, we’ll outline four common traffic collisions, as well as provide effective tips so you can stay safe while on the road.


1. T-Bone Collisions

T-bones car accidents usually take place at an intersection. Essentially, one car has the right of way (and continues straight) while another car is turning and both vehicles collide. When the person turning crashes into the side of the neighboring vehicle, a T-bone collision occurs. 

This type of crash often totals a car, bending the frame and other vital components. Therefore, when the side of the car takes all the impact, it can severely injure the driver, as well as any present passengers. 

How to Avoid Them

There are a couple of different ways you can exercise defensive driving here. First, when you have the right of way, pause for a moment before accelerating. Then, make sure the intersection is clear. This is often why t-bones occur; someone is racing to beat a yellow or red light and make the turn. Speeding worsens the severity of the accident.

If you’re the one making the turn, approach the intersection with caution. When you think there’s enough of a gap to turn left or right, make sure you judge the speed of the car with the straightaway. If you think you’d be cutting it close by even a couple of feet, don’t make the turn. 

Also, don’t let the people lined up behind you make you feel pressured to take the turn if you don’t think there’s enough time. Some may honk or make angry gestures, but simply, wait for the next green light. Doing so could be a matter of life and death.


2. Rear-End Collisions

car accident tailgating

Rear-end collisions are tricky. You never want to be the one rear-ending the car in front of you, especially while accelerating on the gas. If you do so, you may be considered largely at fault. 

These are common claims that end up involving a car accident lawyer. However, they’re one of the easiest ones to avoid. 

How to Avoid Them

The best way to avoid a rear-end collision is to always keep your distance. Defensive driving classes tell you to remain eight seconds behind the vehicle in front of you.

So, if the car or truck in front passes a light pole, it needs to take eight seconds for you to pass that light pole, as well. 

The top argument against this strategy is a neighboring vehicle cutting in front. If that happens, let it. One or even two more cars ahead of you are not going to delay getting to your destination that significantly. In fact, research has shown that reckless drivers who speed only save about two minutes of their time. 

Therefore, let risky drivers cut in front and remain extra vigilant about maintaining eight seconds apart to avoid a car accident.

The other way to avoid causing these types of accidents is to never be a distracted driver. In the split second it takes you to read a text or type a text, the car in front of you could have slammed on its breaks. Now, you’ve put yourself and the car ahead in serious danger. 


3. Parked Car Accidents

Believe it or not, these are commonly reported accidents, as well. This may sound odd considering it involves parked vehicles. However, distracted or drunk driving is often at the root of these types of accidents. Anytime drivers are not focused on the road, they have the tendency to shift or swerve their vehicles, resulting in a collision. 

Oftentimes, this type of collision results in sideswiping, car dooring, and hitting pedestrians or bicyclists. In fact, 1 in 5 victims who died in crashes involving a distracted driver were not in vehicles in 2018.

How to Avoid Them

The best way to avoid parked car damage is to park in a less congested section of the lot. Sure, it’s ideal to be as close to the entrance as possible. However, so does everyone else. Avoid congested areas and opt to walk a little bit further to keep your car safe. Also, if you can secure a corner spot, you’ve already reduced your chances of being hit by 50%.

When it comes to street parking, it’s best to avoid spots near turning lanes and major intersections. This is especially true in the evenings when it’s more difficult to see.


4. Merging Collisions

car merging

Collisions, where two lanes begin to merge into one, are usually very dangerous, especially on highways. 

One vehicle will have to slow down and yield to the other. However, motorists often have difficulty being courteous in these scenarios. Other times, one or both of the drivers cannot make up their minds to slow down or speed up. Hesitating or proceeding recklessly will result in a collision.

How to Avoid Them

The number one way to avoid this type of collision is to check and double-check your blind spots. Never merge without being certain there isn’t a car in the lane you’re trying to merge onto.  Of course, speeding is always hazardous. Additionally, if you’re speeding down a highway and someone makes a bad judgment call when you merge, you will have less time to react. These crashes will be severely damaging and even life-threatening. 


How to Avoid These Car Accidents

A car accident can have a life-altering effect, all within the blink of an eye. If you or your loved one is ever involved in a collision, contact a car accident attorney. 

At Alpha Accident Lawyers, we fight to get our clients the compensation they deserve. We will handle the legal work, so you can focus on your recovery. For a free case assessment, contact our law offices today.


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