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10 Common Types of Pedestrian Accidents and When to Get a Lawyer

10 Common Types of Pedestrian Accidents and When to Get a Lawyer

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Pedestrians and cyclists account for about 19% of traffic fatalities. Around 6,000 people die each year from pedestrian accidents. A report from NHTSA shows that about 73% of pedestrian accidents happen in urban environments.

When pedestrian accidents happen, the consequences are often disastrous.

Negligent drivers and inattentive pedestrians are the main cause of these accidents. If you get involved in a pedestrian-car accident, you might need legal representation from a pedestrian accident attorney.

But, to file a fruitful personal injury claim, you need to know the types of pedestrian accidents.

Keep reading to know the 10 different types of pedestrian accidents.


1. Backing Vehicle Pedestrian Accident

Backup accidents commonly occur at parking lots or streets with limited visibility to drivers backing onto the road. New cars come with backup cameras as a standard feature, but drivers still don’t have them.

A driver should notice everyone in their surroundings and try to back up slowly. That way, they can react in case a pedestrian enters their pathway.


2. Pedestrians Crossing the Highway Accidents

Pedestrians risk injury or fatality when crossing limited access highways. It’s always ill-advised for people to attempt to cross these roads.

Some people feel it necessary, especially in a broken-down car or accident. But, the best option is to remain in your car with hazard lights on.


3. Work or Play Accidents

Construction workers work on roadways needing them to stay in the middle of the streets. Also, when kids are playing in residential areas, they might run into the streets after the ball or when chasing each other.

Speed is often a contributing factor in these types of pedestrian accidents. Drivers must reduce speed in work zones and residential areas.


4. Failure to Yield at Crosswalks

pedestrian accident law

Every busy intersection must have a crosswalk. But, others exist between intersections on busy roadways.

Crosswalks allow pedestrians to move to places more efficiently. The law states that drivers must yield to anyone crossing the road at crosswalks.

Though pedestrians should practice due care when crossing the road at these points. Inattentive or impatient drivers may strike unsuspecting pedestrians crossing the road.

If you have injuries in such a case, a pedestrian accident lawyer will help you get your full compensation.


5. Turning Vehicles at Intersections

Intersection accidents are due to the driver’s poor visibility or lack of attention to pedestrians on the roadways. A driver strikes a pedestrian when turning left or right when the victim crosses the street.

Oftentimes, the driver is at fault for the accident. But some factors may allow the defense lawyer for a pedestrian accident to argue for comparative liability.

Such a case happens when the pedestrian is wearing dark clothes at night or if they were crossing the intersection legally.


6. The Midblock Dart and Dash

The midblock dart/dash is often the pedestrian’s fault. But, the driver may contribute to its likelihood and severity.

The pedestrian enters the street and crosses the vehicle’s path before the impact. Crossing the road without a crosswalk puts the pedestrian at fault though a speeding driver may also be liable.


7. Mailbox or Midblock Vehicle

Such an accident happens when a driver checking their mail or interacting with another driver hits a pedestrian. Drivers should maintain focus on the road at all times.

The driver is fully liable if they are speeding or distracted before the accident.


8. Pedestrians Walking on the Road Side

Pedestrians should always use the sidewalks when walking along busy streets. But, there are instances where there are no sidewalks by the road.

In such cases, pedestrians tend to use the far right side of the road. Drivers may fail to see these pedestrians because of nighttime conditions or bad weather.

Pedestrians are always at risk of an accident in such a scenario.


9. Off-Road Accidents With Pedestrians

They are accidents that take place off the road. A vehicle might leave the road and strike pedestrians walking on the sidewalk.

Also, a vehicle leaving an alley may strike a pedestrian standing close to the highway’s edge. People waiting at a bus stop or close to a disabled vehicle are also at high risk.

Alcohol may also play a huge role when a drunk driver diverts from the road and hits a pedestrian on the sidewalk. In such a scenario, contact a pedestrian accident lawyer to help you seek compensation for injuries after the accident.


10. Multiple Threat Accidents

Pedestrians are often at risk when many drivers have to stop to let them cross. Here, one driver stops to let pedestrians cross, but another who didn’t see those crossing carries on and hits the pedestrians.

The stopped car in the next lane may be blocking the driver’s view. There might be a comparative liability. But it depends on the driver’s speed at the time of the accident.

A qualified pedestrian accident lawyer will assist you in your fight for justice in this case.


Get a Pedestrian Accidents Lawyer Today

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Pedestrians are often at risk of injury when walking alongside trucks, cars, and motorcycles. They are a particularly vulnerable segment of traffic.

Though there are many motor vehicle accidents, every category is unique.

Thus, if you or a family member has been injured, you must contact a pedestrian accident lawyer to determine your rights and the options available to fight for rightful compensation.

At Alpha Accident Lawyers, we have a success rate of over 99%. When you hire us, you will focus more on healing as we handle the rest for you.

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